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Chapter 6, Part 6 (of 6)

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Chapter 6: If You Will Listen, God Will Listen – Part 6 (of 6)

God’s Love and Mercy
If people get nothing more than only one thing from this book, I personally hope they could begin to receive an awesome truth. It is that God is just, and a God of infinite love, and great mercy. The Psalms speak often of this fact, and I am a going to quote a couple of those verses here.

“The Eternal is gracious, and full of compassion, slow to anger, and of great mercy. The Eternal is good toward all, and His tender mercies are over all His works” (Psalms 145:8-9). The creation and purpose God has for mankind is the greatest of all His work. This verse describes the true desire that God has for all people.

“For you Lord are good and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who will call upon you” (Ps. 86:5).

That verse says so much. God is always ready to forgive and show mercy, but the problem is with people who simply will not go before Him to repent so that He can forgive and grant mercy to them. Mankind is so stubborn, selfish and self-willed, just as this end-time is revealing. How long will people refuse to willingly humble themselves and repent of their ways to then begin embracing God’s true ways? Mankind’s track record over 6,000 years is not good.

“The Eternal says, ‘Do I have any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? Do I not rather that he should turn from his ways and live?’” (Ezekiel 18:23).

The last section of this chapter should help reveal the greater depth and kind of love God has for mankind. People have not known the great purpose for WHY they have been created and put on this earth in the first place. They have not known why they have life. It is because of a loving Father’s plan that has been in motion for billions of years and is only now fully coming to light.

God’s True Will for Mankind—to Become Elohim
There is so much that I would truly like to share in this book, but there is not enough space to write it all. There is much more contained in the two previous books that I do not want to repeat here either. So I am going to attempt to summarize God’s purpose and will toward mankind as concisely as possible. Yet there is so much that still needs to be told.

Some information that was given earlier in this book explains a second creation (into spirit life) that God has designed for mankind to potentially receive, and for that creation to be possible is the very reason why God first made mankind a physical creation. Let’s jump ahead a little and show what God’s will and greater purpose is for the creation of mankind in the first place. By explaining this and then focusing on the great goal that is potentially before us all, then it should make it easier to understand why God has a 7,100-year plan for the existence of physical human life on this earth.

At the very beginning of Genesis, God gives us a picture of a planet that had been created much earlier, but that was in total disarray and in a complete state of great destruction. There was no life on it whatsoever, and the rays of the sun could not even reach its surface. This chaotic and lifeless condition was because of what Satan and a third of the angels had done to it.

In the beginning story in the first two chapters of Genesis a word simply translated into English as “God” is used. This word is used repeatedly as it describes this God making the earth habitable for life once again. Then that same God creates the first two human beings. After creating the first man and woman on the sixth day, God then rested on the seventh day.

That word simply translated as “God” is the Hebrew word “Elohim.” This phase of a re-creation on earth reveals Elohim refashioning the earth to make it habitable once again and then creating life on it.

However, in some other areas of scripture in the Old Testament, God is sometimes described by the simplest and most basic Hebrew word for God, which is simply “El.” But most often, the Hebrew word “Yahweh” is used which carries the meaning of the “Eternal One,” or even more accurately, the “Eternal Self-Existing One.” Yet God’s most complete name is very often recorded throughout the Old Testament as “Yahweh Elohim.”

God inspired this very basic word “Elohim” to be used by itself in the first couple chapters of Genesis concerning Himself and what He was creating, but it also is being used in a prophetic manner to reveal so much more.

When it describes this momentous occasion of making the earth habitable for life and the creation of actual life upon the earth once again, the use of the word “Elohim” can give the sense that more than one is involved in doing this creation.
Since translators did not grasp what God was doing or why, they simply translated things in a way that reflects normal human reasoning. They translated this in such a manner that it can seem as though a conversation is taking place by more than one being described as Elohim or that some kind of relationship exists between more than one being. God used this word in these two chapters to reveal a very great purpose for His creation of mankind, and He does so in a prophetic manner.

God did not begin by identifying Himself as El or as Yahweh. Instead, God starts from the beginning—at the start of Genesis—to reveal His great purpose prophetically for the creation of mankind.

As stated before, Elohim is often used when God identifies Himself in His full name of Yahweh Elohim. Yahweh can best be translated as the single word “Eternal,” yet it is much more. It actually reveals the One Eternal Self-Existing God. That actually better describes the full meaning for the word Yahweh.

Elohim, however, is very unique. It is a uniplural word for a “family” name and carries the uniplural meaning of family. It is much like the last name of most people that reflects a specific “family” lineage—as a family name. Actually, that is exactly what this word Elohim is. It identifies a “family,” but here, it is the “God Family.” Elohim is the word that describes “God’s Family” name with its origin being El—God as the head and one through which that Family has existence. That is why mankind was created. God reveals Himself as Yahweh Elohim—Yahweh who is the beginning of the God Family.

In the book of Hebrews, Paul quotes Psalm 8 written by David. It is a quote of David where he comments on looking out into the heavens and considers the vastness of stars that can be seen. He then poses the question to God, “What is man that you are mindful of him?” Paul goes on to explain that God was giving that answer to David in that prophetic psalm.

These verses in Hebrews 2 explain that God did not place the world (age) to come under the subjection of angels (not under their rule). It continues on to explain how God made humans a little lower than the angels, and yet His purpose was to crown them (mankind) with glory and honor above the angelic realm. Unlike the purpose for the creation of angels, it states that God did set mankind to be over the works of His hands and that “all things” will be put in subjection under his feet and that nothing is left that will not be put under him. This means that God’s purpose, in time, is to put all things He has created under the rule of mankind, but that is in a context of what mankind can become—part of Elohim.

As Paul reveals what God gave to David to record in Psalm 8, he continues with the same kind of language explaining that we do not yet see that fulfilled, except in Jesus Christ who has already been crowned with glory and honor, and that all things have been put in subjection under his feet, and that nothing is left that is not put under him (under his rule). The point being made is that for all who enter into the God Family, as Jesus Christ did once he was raised from physical to spirit life, they too will inherit what has been given to Christ. All who become part of the same God Family will share in having all things put in subjection under them, as they too become crowned with glory and honor. So to this moment in time, when Paul wrote the book of Hebrews, only one had entered into that Family with God the Father, and that was Jesus Christ Elohim.

Angels are created spirit beings. However, those who can enter into Elohim are first described as those of mankind who can become begotten of God’s holy spirit who must then grow spiritually in embryo, and then later, become born as spirit beings into God’s Family. God’s spirit Family consists of those who are born into that Family in what can best be described as a spirit birth and not through that of a spirit creation like the angels. That is why scripture speaks of how mankind must come to a point of baptism to receive the impregnation—the begettal—of God’s holy spirit in them. It involves a spirit creation, but not one that is instantaneous in composition as when the angels were created instantly of spirit composition.

It has already been partially explained why God first made us physical so that once His holy spirit begins to work in the spirit essence that exists in the human mind (once begotten of God’s spirit) then a complete spirit transformation can begin. In this manner, begettal and then later birth on a spirit plane, better explains the creative process mankind must experience before being born into—resurrected into—everlasting spirit life IN Elohim—the God Family. Our potential is not to become God as our Father is Almighty God, but we are to become gods in a God Family. It was due to Christ revealing some of this to the Jews that they wanted to kill him for saying such things.

Satan rebelled when he learned of what God had planned to accomplish through the creation of mankind. That is why Satan has mocked God’s Family with stories and beliefs he has inspired that involve god families in religion and mythology. There is much more to learn about all this, but this has been a quick summary.

God’s love for His creation of mankind is far beyond what we are capable of grasping without His help to do so. If one can try to imagine the very best kind of love that a parent can have toward their unborn child, and the hope they hold for that child’s future, then please know, God’s love and hope for mankind is so very, very far beyond such capacity of humans in His Almighty desire and love toward all of us.

God’s will has always been that every human have the opportunity to be born into His Family—the God Family, but such cannot be for every person because mankind is a free moral agent with free will, and therefore, with free choice. Just as with Satan and a third of the angels, there will be millions and likely billions who simply will not choose God and His Family. Like Satan, these individuals will want their own ways and will refuse God’s ways.

God has no pleasure in the suffering of selfish human beings, but there is no other way that Elohim can be created except in the exact way that God is doing it through mankind first living a physical life. Human life is not easy and it was not meant to be easy. Mankind had to be created as physical beings that would develop selfish human nature, as it was explained earlier.

A Second Physical Life
God has awesome purpose in giving most who have ever lived and died the opportunity for a second physical human life. It was not God’s purpose that large numbers of people over the past 6,000 years should be called into a spiritual relationship with Him in His Church in their first lifetime. The reason for that is because if vast numbers had been called during the period of mankind’s self-rule on earth, there would have been massive loss in potential spirit life. In other words, it would have been like massive abortions or miscarriages that would never be able to come to full term.

God has “called” many more than those who were eventually “chosen” throughout the past 6,000 years. Throughout that long period, only a few (144,000) have actually been “chosen” to become those who will be resurrected first—born into His Family at Christ’s coming. Some of this process of how “many have been called, but few chosen,” and the reasons why this process has worked as it has, would take a few more chapters to adequately explain. Suffice it to say, however, God does not want to lose anyone, and being “called” while in the kind of world that has existed for the past 6,000 years has been exceedingly difficult for those individuals. The very best means whereby the maximum number of people have the opportunity to become part of His Family, is being accomplished through the exact way God has been doing it.

God called many and then chose a specific number (144,000) throughout that long period of time in order to mold, try, refine, and prepare them to serve in His government under Christ in the Millennium when all rule will be placed under their feet. Since they were called and worked with in an evil age, the age of mankind’s self-rule, they went through great spiritual tribulation, hardship, and persecution in order to become part of that future government. There has been great sacrifice to prepare that Family so that the potential to save billions could be highly enhanced and made far easier for those who live during the Millennium, and for those who are resurrected afterward into a second physical life. People who live in either of those two later periods of time will be blessed to live under a righteous, just, and prosperous rule of the God Family over them.

But what is this second life and what does it mean?

There are multiple billions who have lived over the past 6,000 years in a world governed by mankind. It has not been a good age to live through, as mankind has not chosen to live by God’s ways, which alone can produce peace, abundance, blessings, and true fullness of life. Mankind has lived just the opposite, in a world of selfishness, war, oppression, injustice, immorality, and evil.

The simplest way to explain the purpose of a second physical life is to simply say that God is providing mankind with the best possible means to judge life by making a choice between mankind’s ways and God’s ways. They will be able to compare their first experience in life and their second physical life.

Mankind’s first physical life is one that has experienced the fruit of great selfishness and pride within self and others. It is the only way that anyone has ever lived life, except those few through time who were called of God to experience and live a different life—God’s way of life that is just the opposite of mankind’s.

Satan’s way is one of pride and selfishness, so God created man to first experience what it is like to live such a life while in a temporary physical existence. Then when God gives a second life in a vastly superior world that is ruled by His ways and His government, the potential for people to then choose His way is vastly greater and much easier. It is in this manner that the greatest number of people will have the greatest potential to choose and become part of God’s Family and be able to be given age-lasting spirit life in that Family.

Most all who are going to be given opportunity for a second physical life have already experienced mankind’s selfish world in their first physical lifetime. Most will have seen and personally lived the way of pride and selfishness, except for those who were very young when they died. In a second opportunity of physical life, those who are resurrected will be able to more perfectly judge between that selfish, pride-filled, and evil way of life that mankind lived in the first 6,000 years in contrast to the way that God has given for them to live in a new and highly superior world. Most of mankind resurrected to that second physical life will have experienced the kind of life that Satan chose—the way of pride, sin, selfishness, ego, lying, cheating, immorality, etcetera.

Before the time when these billions are resurrected to a second physical life, people in the Millennium will have a very clear and truthful history of what 6,000 years of mankind’s ways produced. They will far more easily be able to learn from that past while they are living under a perfect, just, and righteous government leading them. They will not be confronted with any confusion within the world like there is today, especially from the confusion of religion. Instead, there will be one true Church throughout all the earth and one righteous government that rules and nurtures them.

Finally, after 6,000 years, mankind will be shown God’s ways and then be better equipped to make a sound choice for God’s ways rather than that of their own ways as mankind has chosen throughout the past. By the end of the Millennium—the end of the 1,000 year reign of the God Family—billions will have lived and died and will have had the potential to choose God’s way. The billions who do choose God and live faithfully toward Him will be able to enter into God’s Family at the end of the Millennium, just as the 144,000 entered that Family a thousand years earlier.

But there are billions who lived before the Millennium. This now brings us to addressing the question about their fate and the reason God purposed and planned for a second physical life to be given to most all of mankind that lived and then died in the first 6,000 years of human existence.

Scriptures covered earlier not only reveal the 144,000 who are resurrected in the first resurrection to spirit life, but they also reveal a second physical life God will give to most of mankind who lived out their lives at some span of time within that first 6,000 years.

In reviewing some of those verses that spoke of the 144,000, it stated, “…and they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished” (Revelation 20:4-5). It doesn’t say anyone is alive or that they went to heaven.

Most of those among the 144,000 lived and died at some period during that first 6,000 years of mankind. The exception to this is for a very small handful of people who will actually be alive when Christ returns, as they are part of the Church at the end-time and are still living. These few who will also be resurrected at that time are not part of the dead spoken of here, but are indeed part of the 144,000. God simply explains for these few who are alive at that time that they will simply be changed from mortal to spirit life in an instant, “in the twinkling of an eye,” as Paul describes it. They simply will not experience death.

However, in these verses just quoted, it also speaks of “others” besides most of the 144,000 who lived and died throughout that 6,000 year period of time: “…the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished.”

These verses in Revelation are describing two main groups among all mankind that have lived and died at some span of time within that first 6,000 years of mankind’s existence on earth. The first much smaller group that is being spoken of is that of the 144,000 who are described as being resurrected first to spirit life into Elohim at Christ’s coming.

Yet there is also a vastly larger group being described: “But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished.” This is revealing that a large group of multiple billions are to be resurrected after the Millennium. However, since they have not yet had opportunity to be begotten of God’s holy spirit, they will be resurrected to physical life again so that they can then have the opportunity to make such a choice in their second physical life if they so choose.

The last of God’s Holy Days is called the Last Great Day. It pictures this 100-year period of time that all will be given in a second physical life. A baby who died right after birth will be resurrected as a whole and healthy baby, and there will be plenty who are related to that child, and even likely, one or both parents who will be able to raise that child in a new world.

This period is described as a time when people will be protected from death so that they can live out a full and healthy hundred years of life. Scripture speaks of special protection that will exist at that time for children. It states that nothing can harm them as opposed to today’s world. They are described as being able to play in the hole of a viperous snake and it will not harm them.

God will provide a full hundred years for every person so that they will have that entire length of time to live and experience this new world that has been established after 1,000 years of change has occurred on earth. In this timeframe, all will then have free opportunity to choose God’s way or not.

Even the animal kingdom is described as no longer being wild and dangerous to mankind. God will actually change their nature and some of their physical makeup. It even describes a lion eating hay. Descriptions of that new world, although not yet fully understood, can be found to show what God reveals in scripture as a lion, a lamb, and a small child leading them.

People who had deformities, debilitating injuries, missing limbs, disease, mental illness, or were blind and/or deaf, or had other kinds of physical weakness in their first life will be resurrected as whole and healthy. A person who lives to be one hundred will now be far healthier when resurrected than they were when young, and they will be able to live another hundred years in excellent health and strength.

Then, at the end of this 100-year period of time, all who have chosen to live God’s way of life and who have experienced a new creation in them through the spiritual transformation of their mind, will be able to be resurrected into the God Family. They will be able to then become spirit in composition and live everlasting life just like those in the first resurrection at Christ’s coming had received and those billions at the end of the Millennium.

It is the great and merciful Almighty God who has planned His Family, Elohim, and will bring it to pass. As our Father, He has purposed, planned, and created the best possible means whereby all who choose Him and His ways can become saved and live full, happy, and abundant lives into everlasting life, again, if they ultimately choose to do so.