Ronald Weinland

Chapter 7, Part 4 (of 4)

The following post is an excerpt from the new book. This will be the last post from Chapter 7, as this concludes the book.

Chapter 7: Countdown to Christ’s Coming – Part 4 (of 4)

The Two Witnesses
The 7th and last end-time prophetic period of 1,260 days will be the period when God gives His two end-time witnesses the primary work that they have been prophesied to fulfill. Throughout the entirety of the 5th and 6th prophetic end-time periods, these two individuals have been the focus of much ridicule, hatred, mockery and scorn, and during each of these prophetic periods, these two will have fulfilled a specific kind of witness, yet their major witness is during the final 1,260 day period.

“And I [Almighty God] will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth” (Rev. 11:3).

Wearing sackcloth is used to symbolize the practice of walking humbly before God. This verse is describing how God’s two end-time witnesses are clothed in humility as they carry out the commission God has given them. Humility is the opposite of pride, and God has prepared both of these individuals to be able to accomplish the work that is before them in a manner that reflects true justice, mercy, and active living faith. The purpose for the power God gives to these two is to humble others who are filled with pride and who are refusing to listen to God.

These two witnesses will exercise that power they are given according to their own will, according to what they themselves determine to use against others for the purpose of stripping them of their pride, just like what was done against Egypt and Pharaoh in the days of Moses.

Although these two are given such great power to use as they will, as they choose, they will not be lifted up in pride because of it. Instead, the use of that power will be reflected in humility because they fully understand that it is from God as a matter of His purpose being worked out, and that it is by His great power such things are accomplished, and no one else’s. These two witnesses understand, mightily so, that all that is taking place is about what God is doing to humble this earth in order to establish His Son as King of kings.

This matter of them wearing sackcloth—of being clothed in humility—is simply the result of God molding and fashioning them into such a state through all that they have had to experience in the previous seven years of those two end-time prophetic periods before this (the 5th and 6th 1,260 days). It is within those periods of time that these two have been ridiculed, mocked, hated, and later trampled upon that they have learned humility on a strong spiritual plane.

Due to what these two leaders of God’s Church experienced, the Church also experienced much of the same thing, and they also learned greater humility of spirit in their service toward God, as they have shared in the same manner of attacks from others. All that transpired through those two prophetic end-time periods worked in a very powerful way to create far greater spiritual strength within God’s people. It worked powerfully within them to prepare them for Christ’s coming.

It states in the verse just quoted that these two “will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days.” Much of this fulfillment to prophesy is because of what is written in this book and the one before it. This book will have been completed and offered to the world early in the final 7th end-time prophetic period of 1,260 days. Prophecy that has been recorded in this book and in the last book, 2008—God’s Final Witness, will come to pass as it has been written. This will be the primary manner by which this verse is fulfilled because it is during this final period that most all of those prophecies become fulfilled.

Yet there is much more that is stated about what these two witnesses will be involved in doing within this last prophetic end-time period.

“These are the two olive trees and the two lamp stands standing [set, established] before the God of the earth” (Rev. 11:4).

Although God has not yet revealed the full extent of the meaning contained in this verse, nevertheless, it is of incredible importance to Him. This states that these are the two lamp stands and the two olive trees, which are spoken of in the Book of Zechariah concerning God’s two anointed ones, whom He will give of His great power to fulfill many prophetic events that will lead up to Christ’s coming. God gave this prophecy to Zechariah a few hundred years before Christ was born. So indeed, the work these two are given to do is important to God and His purpose for the end-time.

The verses that follow describe what God has set or established that they should do before Him upon the earth.

“If anyone will hurt them, fire will proceed out of their mouth and devour their enemies, and if anyone will hurt them, they must in this manner be killed” (Rev. 11:5).

God reveals that some will so hate these two witnesses that they will try to do them harm and even attempt to kill them. However, God makes it clear that these two will not die until God allows it. The fire that is described as proceeding out of their mouth is symbolic of the power they are given to pronounce any consuming judgment upon any who would desire or attempt to harm them.

“They have power to shut the heavens so that it does not rain in the days of their prophecy, and they have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to strike the earth with all plagues, as often as they will” (Rev. 11:6).

God will give His two witnesses power to cause devastating destruction from whatever plagues they determine, according to their own judgment. This means they will decide when, where, what kind, and how long specific plagues will strike and when plagues should be repeated. Some of these plagues that are pronounced will be coupled with events outlined within some of the Seven Thunders.

There is still more that is stated about these two end-time witnesses whom God refers to as His prophets. For any who desire to read about this in the Bible, it is in the verses that follow those that have just been quoted in Revelation 11.

Book Fulfills A Prophecy
As with the previous books, this one will also go out to most of the nations of the world, to people of several different languages. Earlier in this chapter, I stated that my wife told me I needed to read about a prophecy that this book will fulfill. Once it is complete, this book does fulfill that prophecy.

This specific book will be advertised and translated into more languages than before. This is for the purpose of seeking to reach out to millions more giving greater potential for many more people to be saved.

Yet there are several nations and people of different languages who have no desire whatsoever to read such a book as this, no matter what is stated in it or how bad the world becomes. God knows who those people are and this is not being made directly available to them, although they have been forewarned.

Each of you who has now read this book and come to this very point needs to face the reality that you and you alone are at the most important juncture of your life. It is the time that only you can now choose how you are going to live from this moment forward. It is one of either holding onto your old way—your own ways—or of embracing what God has told you throughout this book. One way or the other, life cannot simply continue on for you as it has in the past. The world is going through major change, and compared to the population of the world right now, far fewer will live on into the new millennial age God is going to establish.

God is currently bringing people to the greatest crossroads of their lives where major decisions have to be made concerning how each person will choose to live the rest of their life. It will either be one of listening to God and changing their life to be in agreement with Him and His ways or it will be to refuse what He is offering.

Only you, and you alone, can make that choice for your life. That responsibility belongs to no one else.

If someone has the desire to live on into God’s new age, and to live His way of life in it, then they must change. No one can continue to live as they have been. No one can continue to hold on to their false religious and/or immoral practices, but instead must reject them.

The entire reason the world is going through end-time catastrophic events is because mankind has consistently lived disobediently toward God for 6,000 years, and it has now come to the time, because of the advancement of technology, that it is about to annihilate itself.

Disobedience to God’s ways only brings suffering, sorrow, and evil in life. God is bringing an end to that, as He brings an end to mankind’s self-rule, rebellion, and prideful selfish living that has been the cause of such suffering and sorrow throughout the millennia.

It is because of mankind’s selfish and pride-filled ways that God is now intervening to end that self-rule and to establish His government as His Kingdom is established under Jesus Christ who will reign over every nation on earth. Not only is God going to establish His government to reign over every nation, He is also going to establish His one true Church throughout all the earth. It will be the only Church and religious practice that is allowed to exist on earth. Once the Millennium is established, there will be no more practice of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, traditional Christianity, or any other false practices in religion, but only that which is true and originates from God’s one true Church.

Whether people like that or not, that is what is happening. Those who do not like it are among those most likely to die before Jesus Christ returns. Those who do live through what is coming and then begin to practice their old ways in the Millennium will not escape death. God reveals they too will soon come to an end if they do not quickly respond to what God is establishing after 6,000 years of mankind’s miserable governments, religions, and ways that have caused such incredible suffering throughout the ages.

By the time the Millennium is established, once Jesus Christ and the 144,000 stand upon this earth once more, over half of the world’s population will have been destroyed. Knowing the stubbornness, rebelliousness, selfishness, and pride of human nature, that number will likely be far higher. If need be, God can reduce the earth’s population to a few million or even a few hundred thousand before the Millennium is established. That is fully up to the different nations, rulers, and people that live in this final end-time.

The full amount of destruction and death that will occur is fully dependent on how people throughout the world respond to God and whether they will begin to listen to Him or not. That is where you are at this very moment. You alone can decide whether or not you are going to embrace God’s ways that lead to selflessness rather than selfishness, to the way of give and love rather than the way of get, hatred, prejudice, and jealousy. God’s way, and His way alone, is the only thing that can produce true unity, caring, friendship, peace, and genuine love toward fellow mankind. The ways of man have never produced such a thing, and they cannot. The ways of mankind produce just the opposite of God’s way.

Right now you are at a place in your life where you must choose whether you are going to now follow God’s way or continue on with your own. This is not something you can simply put off deciding. That time is now, and it is a matter of whether each person will choose to listen to God or not. It is very much like what God told Israel when He had led them out of captivity in Egypt. God gave to them His way of life that they should live by and then said to them, “This day I have set before you life and death.” Then He revealed His great desire toward them, just as He does for each of you now, and He said, “Choose life!” That choice was left in their own hands. The result of life or death was fully within the power of each individual’s choice.

For the Israelites at that time, this was not a matter of immediate death that would be executed upon them. However, at this time it is different. Everyone now lives in a time of great death and destruction on this earth, and only God can give the kind of intervention that can protect and save people from that destruction and death, so that they can live on into the Millennium.

So indeed, this book fulfills a prophecy that reveals the very purpose for why it was written. It is also the reason for the title of this book. God’s desire is that people will receive the words of this book and listen to what He has revealed to them, so that many more might be saved and have opportunity to live on into the Millennium that is about to be established.

It is for this very reason that God has addressed specific nations and their leaders, as leaders have the greatest responsibility and potential ability to influence others to at least listen to those things written here, as was done by the king of Nineveh in the days of Jonah. So God gave charge that this book be written to explain why He has granted seven more years to the world so that many more have the potential for being saved through this final great world war and the catastrophic events that have finally come to be fulfilled on the earth.

This book will end with the prophetic verse referred to that this book fulfills. Although this was stated to John, the charge was not his to fulfill. It was for John’s counterpart, who is God’s prophet, apostle, and end-time witness. This verse was stated prophetically to John’s counterpart to fulfill by writing this book. Although the previous book, 2008—God’s Final Witness, was also sent out to most of the nations of the world, and in several languages to those people and their leaders, God’s purpose for this book is that a stronger message be sent out again, one last time.

The angel said to me, “You must prophesy again against [about, toward] many peoples, nations, languages, and rulers” (Revelation 10:11).