Ronald Weinland

Upcoming Trips

In this end-time, Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland van Horne (senior elder), Johnny Harrell (senior evangelist) & Myrtle Harrell (senior elder) will continue to visit God’s Churches in the various areas of the world where His people are scattered. We will continue to focus on serving those whom God is calling as long as we are able to accomplish such work.

August 23

Louisville, KY – Laura Weinland
Melbourne, FL – Johnny & Myrtle Harrell, Doris Giles (senior elder)

August 30

Spokane, WA – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland van Horne

September 13

Richmond, VA – Laura Weinland, Johnny & Myrtle Harrell

September 25

Detroit, MI – Laura Weinland, Lori Williams (senior elder)

November 15

Louisville, KY – Laura Weinland

November 22

Los Angeles, CA – Laura Weinland, Wayne & Chris Matthews, Jim Jamieson (senior elder)

November 29

Cincinnati, OH – Wayne & Chris Matthews

December 6

Forsythe, GA – Wayne & Chris Matthews
Columbia, MO – Laura Weinland, Audra Weinland van Horne