Ronald Weinland

Second Witness

All has been going well with us upon our arrival to Israel. Stories in scripture come alive in a unique way when one visits this land in contrast to actually seeing the backdrop of those people who have followed the Almighty God through time.

I’ve had difficulty getting this post on the website completed, as I have had some strange technical difficulties that we still have not fully figured out. But after a call back to the states, I have been able to use a different method than normal for getting this done. And I will still meet the time I stated on an interview about this announcement being on the 17th. It is still the 17th in the U.S. in a couple of time zones, and if I were to include Alaska and Hawaii, I still have several more hours to get this accomplished. Some have been overly anxious and finding fault with this not having been posted early in the day. This fits in quite well with the sermon that will be given this Sabbath, as God gives plenty of rope to those who seek to find fault with Him and His people.

We are at the very end-time for man’s self-rule on earth. The Seventh Seal has been opened and now the First Trumpet has been blown. You will want to listen to the sermon given this Sabbath to learn much more.

It is an incredible thing to understand what God is doing and how He is doing it at this time. Not only has man’s time of self-rule come to an end, the very blessings that God gave through Abraham on a physical plane, for his descendents, is good to understand. God promised much beginning with Abraham (to him) that continued to be revealed even more through the next three generations (Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph). There were promises made on a physical plane that would take mankind up to the very end of man’s first 6,000 years on earth, and then greater blessing beyond that would be both physical and spiritual. However, the United States has been the recipient of the pinnacle of those physical blessings and prosperity (for this first 6,000 years) that God had promised to Abraham. When those promises had been fulfilled and the time had come for those blessings to be taken away (because of sin), we would be cast into this very time we have now entered.

From the beginning, God has revealed His plan for His Family—Elohim. God worked in and through a family as He began to reveal more about his purpose and plan for all mankind. That family consisted of Abraham and Sarah. At this end-time, we have come back to that greater purpose God is working out for mankind by bringing a close to man’s age and ushering in His age with the following 1,000 years, when the focus of Elohim—the God Family will be everywhere on this earth. He is working through a family once again, as God wants mankind to begin to focus on the importance of family on a physical and a spiritual plane.

Having said that, more will be said in the months to come, but now is the time to publicly reveal the name of the second end-time witness. It is my wife Laura. We are a family through whom God will be working to bring an end to this age and setting the stage (and much more) for the age to follow. Many will mock and ridicule, but as we go forward, this time God will place fear in those who mock Him and His servants. Power has been given to make this so.

The glory and the honor is to God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. And His Kingdom is almost here.