Ronald Weinland

Thunders Grow Stronger

First, before going into the purpose and content of this posting, I would like to announce that the 50th Truth has now been added to The 50 Truths of God that is in the “Publications” section of the Church website.

Postings to this site have been minimal since April. There are several reasons for this, all of which are a matter of God’s will and God’s planning.

There is no purpose being served at this time to warn people of what is coming, as the warnings have already been given (to the degree God has purposed). This has not been done on a massive scale worldwide (although it has been done worldwide) because it only takes a small cross section to reveal the true attitude and spirit that exists throughout this world.

Much of God’s purpose at this end-time consists of revealing (as a true witness) the real attitude and spirit of mankind in this modern 21st Century. With all the technological development of mankind over the past century, God is showing that mankind is the same as he has always been over the past 6,000 years. This is a powerful witness/testimony against mankind concerning the way mankind receives God and those whom He has sent.

There have been no interviews and the advertising being done on the Internet has been reduced dramatically. Only those who are in God’s true Church, and those who were scattered who are responding to God awakening them, as well as those who are new who are responding to God calling them, have been able to understand the revelation of the 50th Truth.

Since things did not happen in the original time frame that was given because God had not given this 50th Truth, those who were responding solely out of fear and desire for self-preservation are no longer seeking God’s help. Those who are skeptics, critics and mockers have only grown bolder in their deceived and misguided confidence. Many who simply never responded fully in obedience to God have become weaker and some have taken a “wait and see” approach and even many in God’s own Church have been shaken and have had revealed to them the danger of not being fully on guard spiritually.

The reality is that all that has been given in the past will still come to pass, but simply a few months later than previously understood. As covered in the 50th Truth that has just been posted, on Trumpets of this year the final countdown for the return of Jesus Christ will have begun, but the world will not begin to respond to God until the Trumpets of the Seventh Seal begin to sound, and most will not begin to be earnest in their response until after the Fifth Trumpet has sounded.

These past few months have revealed the incredible magnitude of complacency that exists in the world. The world’s sense of complacency, lethargy, and ability to deal with reality is rapidly accelerating in intensity and blindness. Indeed, end-time events are going to catch the world fully off guard! Although the Thunders of Revelation have continued to intensify and draw closer, most cannot hear, and many of those who can, choose not to hear them.

The economic health of the world continues to worsen at a horrific rate. However, most choose to focus on the most minuscule crumbs of hope, which they choose to believe will lead to this destructive tide being turned around. Most everyone who is concerned with economic conditions has the basic belief that eventually the economy will turn around and things will become prosperous once again, since they see this as simply another economic cycle for the world. Even gold, oil, and currencies have shifted in the past few weeks to such a degree that many find comfort and encouragement from what they see, but they do not understand that this is a false indicator of the true economic state of affairs. This is only a lull before the storm that leads to a final worldwide economic collapse. Banks, brokerage firms, and other such institutions are about to be plunged into their worst nightmares, but they will not believe this is true until it is too late.

One of the most astonishing events and loudest thunders since 9-11 is the conflict between Georgia and Russia. Once again, the world is blind! There are those who fear what they see, but most people are insensitive and in deep ignorance to these sweeping conditions that will directly affect the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets that are to come. All that is happening in this great event is more firmly shaping the alliances that will emerge as a direct result. This is far greater than 9-11 was in shaping alliances, and this will lead into a horrendously terrifying World War III.

The minds of peoples and leaders in ten European nations are now being molded so that one day soon they will agree to unite as the United States of Europe and it will be at that time that they determine to set their own course and control of the future—through immediate aggression in war. It will be this European union that plunges the whole world into war, and not Russia or the United States.

This is not a time to draw back, become slack, or let down from being spiritually on guard. Everything is rapidly moving forward, and on Trumpets of this year we will have entered the final 1335 days before the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the government of God over all the earth.