Ronald Weinland

1260 Days

From time to time, some have asked why more is not being posted on this site. This has been explained in previous postings and the same remains true to this day. As conditions worsen, once the trumpets begin to sound, these postings will become more important.

However, one of the best ways to keep informed in a timely fashion is to listen to services (live or posted) each Sabbath.Having said all this, I am beginning this new post by writing some today (1265 days) and will add a little more when this will be posted on day 1261 (Dec. 13). That will be the Sabbath when Laura and I are once again in Jerusalem as we were last April when we believed we were at this point in time then.On the previous two Sabbaths we were in Europe. After having observed the Sabbath in the Netherlands with members in Europe, we went to the airport in Brussels where we said goodbye to the Harrell’s as they were returning to the U.S. and we were leaving for Cairo, Egypt. As I write, I am in awe of the view I now have some 34 stories above and beside the Nile River. This morning, one assistant for tours in the region stated that he has never seen such a clear day in Cairo. Right now we are able to look out at the awesome site of the great pyramids of Giza (with no smog obstructing the view) on the outskirts of the city.

It is such a marvel to be in a region where all I can think of, as I see these sites, is that Moses and the children of Israel were here, and passed from here at another moment in time. We have also seen the oldest of pyramids—the oldest structures built by man—that may date to around 2630 BC. The oldest is the Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser), or step pyramid in the Saqqara necropolis in the area of Cairo. On Sabbath, I will speak more about our trip to Egypt and the impact it has had upon us, as this region of the world sums up the lessons of man’s history and is a powerful witness of Satan’s influence on mankind for nearly 6,000 years now.

By the time Daniel wrote his book and it was given to him to prophecy about four great kingdoms of the world, and a kingdom that would come out of the heavens and destroy all others, he was speaking of his time then and the time that would follow all the way up to the end-time. However, there was one great kingdom on earth that had existed for a long time before that and for a longer period of time than the actual time of the various resurrections of the Roman Empire. Daniel was writing at a time when Egypt had existed as a powerful kingdom for over 2,000 years. I will have more to say about this early kingdom in this Sabbath’s sermon.

As I am writing today on the Sabbath (day 1261), this evening at sunset will begin the long awaited time of the final 1260 days that Daniel wrote about and wanted to see its fulfillment. Prophets and other teachers of God have longed for this day that we are blessed to see come to pass. We know that in a very short time this world will be God’s world and ruled by His Government.

This is a very sobering time for my wife and me as we are in the city that God prophetically describes as Sodom (spiritually). We are in a hotel room a block away from where we can look down upon one of the higher points of the old city and specifically at the Jaffa Gate. It is in this area where the two witnesses will be killed and three and one-half days later, Jesus Christ will begin His return to this earth as King of kings. It is good to be in this time, since this is the time of transition from Satan’s rule to God’s rule on earth. Now mankind can be humbled and brought into oneness of life, with one government over all the earth and one true Church of God, and there will be no other false beliefs allowed to exist any longer. The peace and joy this brings to mankind is beyond human appreciation and understanding at this time. God speed that day!