Ronald Weinland

Moses Znaimer of ideaCity

After the presentation I gave at ideaCity in Toronto, I mentioned that I would be writing Moses Znaimer (the producer and host) to tell him why I did not return to the following two and one-half days of activities that followed.

My experience as a presenter was one that was on a “public level” because those who attended as the audience did so in the atmosphere of a public forum. And others outside of Toronto who chose to watch the presenters (after making payment) could do so by simple access to the Internet. The presenters were given a very public exposure by Moses Znaimer, and as a result of the presentations being so public, I am making my letter public. This is the letter I sent to Moses on the 21st of July:

Dear Moses,

It is with genuine gratitude that I want to thank you for the opportunity to have been a presenter at ideaCity. Long before the actual event, I was receiving very positive and helpful communication from your staff. Once my wife and I arrived in Toronto, we began to meet more of your staff members who were also exceptionally helpful, friendly, and enthusiastic. Then, on the first morning, we had the opportunity to meet even more staff members who continued with that same excellent helpfulness, care, and concern for our presence at the conference.

My purpose in writing to you is twofold. First, I wanted to thank you and your staff for making us feel so very welcome. Secondly, I must tell you why I could not return after the first morning of presentations.

The first few presenters were interesting, thought provoking, and they tied in well together, even with part of what I addressed in my presentation. Everything was fine to this point. I understand offering diverse thoughts and opinions, as with the gentleman who followed my presentation who espoused the belief, through intellectualism, that “God never wrote a book” and how he believed in the fallacy of what was written in scripture. As God’s prophet for this end-time, I know such ignorance is all too plentiful on earth.

However, a couple of presentations later, you gave the stage to a man who was “supposedly” a comedian, but sadly, the content of his message was so revolting, perverted and blasphemous that I found it incredulous that you would have given such recognition to something so hideous. For me, this is one of the most distasteful experiences I have ever had in my whole life. It is not my purpose to pass judgment on you, but to explain to you why I found this presentation so harmful to what I had believed was a more noble purpose for ideaCity.

Perhaps you could try to put yourself in my shoes for just a moment. Indeed, as I said in my presentation, I do not expect you or that audience to believe I am God’s end-time prophet.

However, I would think that you might at least consider that I am very sincere about the warning I gave and that I have a deep conviction and passion about the message I delivered. Having said this, I would think that you might then understand that what I experienced (and hopefully, a few others might have experienced) was one of shock and dismay that ideaCity would allow such a presentation to be given. Tolerance and diversity do have their limits in life, even in this world.

There is no example I can give to reveal the magnitude of what this was like, but consider what it might be like if I had a brother, and he was one who was known for his tireless efforts to promote peace, give monetary aid, and influence the promotion of medical assistance to underdeveloped nations (due to his great wealth, political influence, and known humanitarianism). In time, my brother was murdered by terrorists and then drug through the city behind a jeep until only some few bones and flesh remained. Then, a few months later, ideaCity hosts a comedian who mocks the death of my brother while I am in the audience. Jesus Christ is my brother and you sponsored a comedian who mocked his death in front of me.

Out of conviction and conscience toward my brother and Father, I could not return in the afternoon, nor could I participate in anything further that would show any kind of support for ideaCity. To me, participation of any kind after that would have meant I was condoning what was presented.

Since I have no idea about your beliefs, I do want to say that the Eternal God, the God of Abraham, who I spoke about in my presentation, does not take this event lightly. This is not a small thing that such mocking of His Son was given audience at ideaCity and that you personally sponsored this. It is my hope that you come to see the magnitude of the severity of your decision for what occurred and that you will pursue God’s mercy in this matter because of what it will mean to you personally if you fail to do so.

Most sincerely,
Ronald Weinland