Ronald Weinland

Man At His Best

When is man at his best? To understand this question, is to first notice why fear and a bit of panic has entered the world market place over the past week. It is the beginning to understanding why God has revealed that mankind must suffer so very much over the next several months.

It is God’s purpose at this end-time that mankind must experience great fear and panic, as everything in which he trusts no longer gives support, intervention, or help of any kind. All the institutions and governments of mankind are nearing collapse. You are now beginning to witness the real emergence of what brings about that total collapse.

The Mortar Is Failing
We live in an age that seemingly appears far superior to all other ages of mankind. The last hundred years, with the explosive advancement of science and technology, has made the previous thousands of years of man on earth seem archaic and primitive by comparison.

Then, here at the end of this age of mankind, with his self-rule on earth, we see a basic structure that developed over the past fifty years that became the mortar for a “global” economy. We live in a period of earth’s history where the United States of America emerged to become the single greatest power the earth has ever known.

This power has been reflected in resources of wealth, technology, military strength, government influence, and monetary stability on the world scene. In the midst of this the dollar became the mortar that has held together a global economic system that is now beginning to crumble under a weight it can no longer sustain—no matter what action anyone or any government takes.

The cracks that began to emerge in 2008 are now crumbling and collapsing before our very eyes. We are rapidly moving toward markets that will crash, banking institutions that will end, and a failing dollar that will thrust the world into war, as the United States goes the way of all empires of the past.

But who dare say such things! We are told that many of the corporations and banking institutions in the U.S. are too large to fail (to allow them to fail). But they are still failing no matter how much money is printed and pumped into them. The world is now awakening to that ugly truth.

How dare a rating agency downgrade the U.S.? After that, a cry went out that declared how the U.S. has always been a triple “A” country and always will be.

After the initial cracking in the economy struck in 2008, it didn’t take long before pride and arrogance began to enter the market place once again. Much like the Titanic, the attitude has prevailed that the dollar, with the economic structure of the U.S., is too large to sink. Yet it is starting to sink!

At this present time in man’s history, the dollar and all the global markets intertwined with it have begun a final process of implosion with no ability whatsoever to save it from happening. As this rippling affect circles the world, the markets and banking systems of one country after the other spiralling downward, nations will react in the only manner they see as a last resort—war!

Bad, But Soon Much Worse
Stocks plunged dramatically last week and continued even more on Monday. But Tuesday, it surged upward in record proportion. A little hope for a little while!

Then today, everything that was so dramatically gained on Tuesday was lost in one fell swoop, and even more so, as the market plunged by nearly 520 points.

At the close of the markets, CNBC asked the question, “Do you know where your money is?” This was a take-off of the expression, “Do you know where your children are?”

Now, at this very moment, gold has passed the $1800 mark. Another headline today stated, “Investors Flock to Gold and U.S. Treasuries.” How sad that people still don’t “see” that the dollar is the problem—the old mortar that has dried up, cracking throughout, and now crumbling under the weight it can no longer sustain.

As markets and banks are in “freefall,” as another headline states, people still think there is “safety” in U.S. Treasuries, in which they trust. And those who trust in gold—it too will fail. It won’t be long before people will gladly give their gold for the simple commodity of food.

That in which people trust will continue to fail. Markets will fail. Banks will fail. The dollar will fail. Governments will fail. Even religions will fail.

“In God We Trust”
This is what is stated on the dollar. Yet that is not true. Instead, the world grew to trust in the dollar itself. As was stated at the beginning of this post: “It is God’s purpose at this end-time that mankind must experience great fear and panic, as everything in which he trusts no longer gives support, intervention, or help of any kind.”

It is this very process that will bring man to his best state, which is one of humility. It is pride that led people to believe the Titanic could not sink. It is pride that insists the dollar cannot fail. It is pride that declares the U.S. cannot become less than other countries around the world.

Only when some of mankind, beginning first with the U.S., is brought to true humility will some finally come to the only truth that can save them, when they finally cry out in genuine sincerity and humility, “In God we trust!”