Ronald Weinland

Economic Collapse Now on the Doorstep

The year 2008 proved to be devastating for the world economy, but since that initial collapse people have stubbornly believed that it can be turned around. The common sound bite from brokers and financial advisors is that if you keep your money in the market, "in time" you will recoup those earlier losses and begin seeing a profit once again.

The truth is that the world doesn’t have enough time to wait for such an outcome because what started in 2008 is now going to become much, much worse. The entire economic system is intertwined so closely together that an economic disaster in one part of the world creates a rippling effect that is felt throughout all other regions.

The bad news surrounding such global conditions is accelerating. Speeches are losing their luster as people are becoming wiser to the reality that promises, political gamemanship, and casting blame on others is producing nothing that is good.  Government, corporate, and economic leaders say much but can do nothing to turn the tide of what is beating down the economies of the world.

Europe Will Take Control
Prophetic events are now rapidly accelerating that are molding and fashioning the emergence for what will come upon the world once the Fifth Trumpet of Revelation has sounded. When that takes place, the final form of the next and last revival of the Holy Roman Empire will come to pass. It will be exactly as Herbert W. Armstrong was given to see: Ten nations in Europe combining to form this last resurrection of that old empire.

During this month of September, the world has been reeling from bad economic news on every front. That which leaders continued to insist would take only a couple of years to begin to turn around, has now turned to gloomy forecasting, predicting it will take ten years before a turn around might begin.

It is the very condition and eventual collapse of the world economy that will ultimately push ten nations to emerge as a United States of Europe—the last revival of the Holy Roman Empire with Germany at the helm. As in a great game of football or soccer, people from all quarters are giving their advice and strategies, including how the euro will survive or fail, of which countries should default or be rescued, whether and what countries should remain in the EU, and on and on it goes.

Even Timothy Geithner has been giving his advice to Europe’s leaders by speaking out in Wroclaw, Poland, at the Eurozone finance ministers meetings. The US Treasury secretary told Europe’s leaders to stop bickering and “take control” of the debt crisis that has brought “catastrophic risk” to financial markets. Of course there was much more advice contained in other comments, but what he does not know is that Europe “is taking control,” but not in a way that he could ever imagine.

The euro is not weak. It is a strong tool that has given Germany more power and influence than it has ever had in European history. It has become so powerful that most don’t even recognize how it can be used to influence, coerce, and even manipulate others into moving in one political direction or another.

Angela Merkel is a highly educated and smart woman. She did not get to where she is by being weak or lacking a grasp of politics. One of her most masterful quotes will come to be seen as, “If the euro fails, Europe fails.” Germany will not let the euro fail, and there are other euro member nations who will not let the euro fail. Because they will not let the new Europe fail.

This month, even former German chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, called for the creation of a “United States of Europe,” saying the bloc needed a common government to avoid future economic crises. Yes, the euro is strong and it has become a powerful tool.

While the Scattered Church Sleeps
As many of the various scattered organizations following the apostasy are waiting for the 1st Seal of Revelation to be opened, they are soon going to be shocked with confronting a reality they believe is many years away. Since they know that ten nations of a United States of Europe are prophesied to come on the scene, when they see this happen “within” the next few months, they will have to confront the reality of where we are in time. Even then, pride will be an obsticle to acknowledging that the 5th Trumpet of the 7th Seal has just been blown.

This will be the long awaited time when many of those of the scattered body will finally be awakened out of their deep spiritual sleep. Those who will be truthful with themselves and with God will come to see that they were not given charge to “continue” a “work” that is described in Matthew 24:14 as, “And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come.”

Those who repent of falling asleep will come to know that this verse was fulfilled through Herbert W. Armstrong; for when he died, that “work” ended, and the end “did come.” At his death, the Church moved from the Philadelphia Era into the Ladodicean Era. Then the prophesied end-time apostasy “did come” upon God’s true Church, and the Church was scattered.

Those who are willing to repent will come to acknowledge the truth of what God promised at the end-time and written by John in Revelation 11:3. In a literal translation, “And I [God speaking] will give my [Gk “my” – used only when emphatic] two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and sixty days clothed in sackcloth.” God’s Church has long known that at the end-time God would send two witnesses to complete His work on earth before His Son would come as King of kings.

The two are “clothed in sackcloth,” which is a prophetic expression of being clothed in humility to do the job set before them, for the world and especially the scattered Church mocks and ridicules them once they come on the scene. These two willingly accept the derision, the lies, the contempt, the mocking, and the slander of others. It is very much a part of their job and their work as a witness of human nature that has resisted God for 6,000 years and now magnified in a period of 3 ½ years, even by those who at baptism received the impregnation of God’s own spirit. It is indeed a powerful testimony/witness of the power of human nature to resist God—a lesson that will mightily benefit those who live in the Millennium and Great White Throne periods.

Global Economic Collapse
Just before those ten nations of Europe are forced together, the world will first experience a massive economic collapse. That collapse is now on the doorstep. Banks are going to fail. Brokers are going to fail. Corporations are going to fail. Governments are going to fail.

Sadly the mindset of many in the world is to run to U.S. Treasuries. What a foolish mistake. It is paper, and even beyond that, it is a series of 0’s and 1’s that is locked away in cyberspace. You cannot eat it. You cannot carry it with you to purchase anything. When the collapse comes, those treasuries will become worthless. Money supposedly stashed away in safe and secure bonds, stocks, and even bank accounts are nothing but 0’s and 1’s that are also locked away in cyberspace.

Once a bank fails, how difficult will it be to withdraw those 0’s and 1’s? How difficult will it be to sell your stock that will suddenly become toxic? How valuable are your 0’s and 1’s, which make up the binary code of today’s computer age?

One last warning! If you have any saved funds in a bank, at least be wise enough to take out some in cash and buy some extra food. Take out some and stash it away in a safe place. Because once the bank doors close, and they will close, it will be too late to get emergency cash!

You live in “fearful” times. If you are not fully awake to that reality, it is time to seek out some true reality!