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Seventy Weeks Prophecy

This post is being written to address the Seventy Weeks Prophecy in Daniel and to inform everyone of a newly posted interview that I gave on a station in Cambridge, Maryland, today. It was on the station, WCEM 1240 AM, with the host, Cleveland Rippons.

At the end of last year, we ran an advertisement about the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, and myself, as the author, being available for interviews if any in such media markets were interested in the subject matter. What has transpired is very reflective of the time we are currently experiencing. To me, this is so very reminiscent of what the Church experienced at the time of the apostasy in 1994. The Church had grown complacent and lethargic concerning the many warnings of what was looming.

Today, the United States has drifted into that same complacent and lethargic spirit concerning the warnings that are so resounding about a coming global economic collapse, as well as willingly dismissing and minimizing many other global forebodings. People seldom hear the truth that is being reported in the news in other parts of the world, as the media itself is fast asleep.

So who cares that a billionaire investor, George Soros, stated today that “the crisis in Europe is more serious than the crash of 2008.” The attitude upon hearing such a thing is: “That doesn’t affect me.” But it is going to affect everyone very soon.

Who understands or cares about another article today? It states: “Europe Banks Hoarding Cash.” It is dire, but very few care or even know the ramifications of those banks sitting on money that they would rather have the European Central Bank hold for them.

And who is really worrying about Iran? What does it matter that another article today states that Iranian interest rates have risen to 20% in order to fight hyperinflation or that another Iranian nuclear scientist was targeted and killed today in a street bomb explosion. Again, the attitude is one of this being so far away that is doesn’t have an effect on one’s personal life. But in a very short time, it will! What will Iran do as sanctions continue to be tightened around her and sabre-rattling becomes louder? Desperate people will do desperate things to stay in power, especially when so many nations related to them are being overthrown or nearly to that point.

Several news articles in other parts of the world today are focusing on U.S. troops being deployed to Israel, but little to nothing of this is known within the U.S. news media. In an article from Stars and Stripes today is this report: “HEIDELBERG, Germany — What’s being billed as the biggest and most significant military exercise ever conducted by the U.S. and Israel will include missile defense drills, according to the U.S. European Command.”

“EUCOM officials declined to say when the Austere Challenge 12 exercise would begin, but the timing of the announcement of the exercise in the Israeli press, which cited unnamed Israeli Defense Forces officials, has led to speculation that it is linked to renewed tensions with Iran over its nuclear ambitions and its recent threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, through which almost 20 percent of the world’s oil is transported.”

“But there is no direct connection, according to the U.S. European Command.”

Who is kidding whom?

Most certainly, no one cares what the Russian media has to say. One report that was just published in is under a headline that reads: “Iran to Kick Off World War Three.” The Russians have been vocalizing, along with the Chinese, that which the West would consider as rhetoric concerning a soon coming World War III. The attitude from the West concerning such sources is that we can’t really take them seriously. Too bad! We should! According to prophecy concerning the Sixth Trumpet, they have already been planning for this war for some time now, and will engage in it a very short time before Christ returns on May 27, 2012.

Literally, overnight this world can change drastically. That time is closing in fast. But this nation is fast asleep. In 2008, people were shaken by the huge economic collapse that occurred at that time. They feared what was happening to their investments, retirement programs, and overall state of the economy. Jobs were being lost on a massive scale, far greater than what has actually been acknowledged by the government. By simply printing more money through a deceptive scheme masqueraded as a legitimate government response that was labeled “quantitative easing,” people have complacently accepted the consequences without real understanding. This has been done because it is easier for human nature to respond selfishly, and therefore, ignore reality and the tough decisions and choices associated with it (especially in leadership).

All these things are mentioned because in 2008, as a result of people being shaken and awakened to our true economic condition, people were more eager to discuss the possibilities of the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness. In lesser advertising used at that time, we had a lot of interviews and several others that were actually turned down. But with our recent advertising, as of today, I have only had a request for three interviews, one of which I turned down because of the attitude of the producer and host at WGN in Chicago (assuredly, one of the first in the Church that was scattered to ever turn down WGN).

The advertising for this round of interviews was actually done in a far better manner than the advertising done in the past. If we had used the same type of advertising back in 2008 as we did this time the response would have been far stronger. But all this is indicative of the true spirit of this nation today. It is fast asleep, just as the Church was back in 1994 when the apostasy occurred.

The interview today by the host, Cleveland Rollins, was very well done on his part, ranking among the most professional of all the interviews I’ve given. It was refreshing to have someone conduct an interview with the kind of focus and informed manner in which he approached this, which in large part was due to the professional manner our advertiser incorporated in their presentation.

It was also interesting to note that in the beginning of the interview, there was direct acknowledgment of the horrible economic conditions, natural disasters, and escalation of tension between nations that has grown over the past few years. But toward the end of the interview, these things were held in doubt, as my being a prophet was in question. This interview can be heard here:

Seventy Weeks Prophecy
As a result of the sermon this past Sabbath, in which it was revealed that there is a duality contained in the Seventy Weeks Prophecy of the Book of Daniel, this subject needs to be addressed more fully. Since there is a lot of misunderstanding and lack of continued growth in the Church that was scattered, even the matter of the prophecy regarding Christ’s first coming needs to be covered in another sermon.

As was mentioned in the sermon last week, the duality of the Seventy Weeks Prophecy concerns not only Christ’s first coming, but his second. There are so many dates that numerically agree with end-time events that have been stated in 2008 – God’s Final Witness and in sermons since this final end-time began on Trumpets of 2008 that the mathematical statistics and probability of such a thing exponentially defies mere “chance.” Although such a thing will mean little to so many who were scattered, it is awesomely inspiring to those who will hear.

There are many dates that go far beyond mere chance, but when all are considered together they become phenomenal in scope. Nearly everyone in the Church that was scattered refuse to acknowledge the most central of all prophetic dates in this end-time. It is the date of the “great falling away” or “apostasy” that is recorded in 2 Thessalonians 2. That prophetic chapter is focal to understanding the final end-time, as the subject matter is the timing of the return of Jesus Christ, which is made abundantly clear in the first several verses, since that subject matter is repeated several times.

The truth is that this apostasy occurred on December 17, 1994, when Joseph Tkach, Sr. gave his defiant sermon against the truths of God and the Church became scattered as a result of that rebellion. It was from this time that God began to reveal dates and the importance in their timing. It is astounding how anyone who was scattered can deny the importance of the timing of Joseph Tkach’s death and God’s hand in its revelation.

Joseph Tkach, Sr. rebelled against God when he declared that the Sabbaths of God were no longer binding on God’s people. It was exactly 40 Sabbaths later, to the hour, that Joseph Tkach, Sr. died. Such timing should thunder loudly to God’s people, but it hasn’t. People seem willingly ignorant of the importance of God’s judgment that involves the number 40 in scripture. It is at this time that God began to reveal the importance of His judgment that was to run throughout this end-time (7 days x 40 = 280 days).

Although more dates will be mentioned in this posting, it is now needful to mention the numbers that are important concerning the fulfillment of Christ’s second coming, as the timing begins on the same day the apostasy began. As was pointed out last Sabbath, the sequence of numbers in the Seventy Weeks Prophecy is a simple matter of math with 70 weeks being 70 x 7 days, which equals 490 days.

As a matter of other dates that God revealed to me, through Jesus Christ, it was given earlier that Trumpets of 2008 was the beginning of the 1335 day count in the Book of Daniel that leads up to the return of Jesus Christ on May 27, 2012. The day of Christ’s return is on Pentecost which pictures the 144,000 who will return with him to reign on earth, and the beginning of this announcement to the Church was on Trumpets (2008) which announces the coming of the Messiah as King of kings. How awesome is that to understand?

So we came to understand the very date of Christ’s return when it was God’s time to reveal it, as God promised He would do nothing before He first sent His prophets to announce it. The fact that I would make such an assertion makes the world of traditional Christianity furious and they misuse a scripture, pertinent to Christ’s time (in a literal sense), when it was stated: “No man knows the day or the hour.” But in their defiance they refuse to acknowledge that in time—in God’s time—He would reveal the date to the world (to those who would have ears to hear).

Even the Church that was scattered becomes indignant that I would declare such a date. They read this as being a matter of pride and haughtiness on my part, yet it is what God has commanded me to give and I rejoice in it.

Closely tied to all these dates is the revelation that Satan’s rule is coming to an end as soon as Jesus Christ returns. Christ is coming to take the reigns of ruler-ship away from Satan. Rather than going through all the dates and periods of timing that God has given to His Church to understand, I will simply refer people to an area of timeline information that is posted on the Church website in the “FAQ” under the “Topics” section in the topic entitled, “Timeline Questions Answered.”

Suffice it to say, all this precise timing has been magnified in the Seventy Weeks Prophecy that God has just revealed concerning Christ’s second coming. As Jesus Christ is coming to remove Satan from power, Satan is an important part of fulfilling and finishing end-time events. God reveals His truth to the Church and some of that truth is enhanced and magnified by His timing of events or importance of numbers, which He reveals in those events.

All who have the simple beginning of understanding of God’s plan know the importance of the seven-day week and the 7,000 year plan of God. Seven has always been understood as a number God uses for that which is “complete” in His purpose. The number 12 is used in God’s planning as a number for perfection, as in the structure of His temple that is discussed at the end of Revelation. The number 12 becomes important in the perfection of the first-fruits who return with Christ at his coming (12 x 12,000 = 144,000).

In the Seventy Weeks Prophecy it is easy to understand the importance of seven and then the seventy concerning prophecy of the Messiah, as this is about his coming. But there is another being involved in these end-time events. He has a number associated with him that has long been a number associated with fear and mysticism. It is a number used in some mystic societies and their practices, as with the Masons. Many associate the number with being unlucky or with tragedy, as with Friday the 13th. Some architects or builders will not allow for a 13th floor of a building, etc. Yes, this is a number that is associated with Satan, and it is even understood somewhat by those who have studied numbers (although they become entangled and ensnared in such studies that go far off base). It is commonly understood that the number 13 is associated with two main subjects. It is that of “rebellion” and “apostasy.” What number better identifies what Satan has done from the beginning and that is now soon to end? What is better associated with the description of what happened in God’s Church of December 17, 1994, than that of rebellion and apostasy?

Yes, beginning with that day to the day Jesus Christ returns is a fulfillment of the Seventy Weeks Prophecy. It is 70 x 7days x 13, which gives 6,370 days. Yes, it is exactly 6,370 days from the very hour that the rebellious sermon that caused the apostasy was given, to the very hour (Jerusalem time) that Jesus Christ returns. Now what are the odds of such timing being so exact and agreeing with all the other events and timing that God has given His Church? It is astronomical indeed!