Ronald Weinland

WWIII: The Stage Is Being Set

Around the world the stage is being set for its collapse, which is almost upon us. Over three years ago, the process began that is leading this world into a complete global meltdown, ending in a final world war. In 2008, the world was shaken for a time at the prospect of a worldwide economic collapse.

But just as mankind has responded to God’s warnings for the past 6,000 years, this final age of man’s self-rule has proven to be the same. God has been ignored, and mankind has once again gone about seeking to remedy his own problems his own ways, but this time is man’s last time to respond to God in arrogance and pride. In this final time, God is allowing mankind to temporarily experience a false sense of hope and belief that he can solve his own problems and that life will once again “get back on track.” Not so this time!

The hype in the stock market and false confidence in the power of the U.S. dollar is the epitome of man’s pride. This period of pride is marked by a willing blindness of the truth. The signs of what is coming are being ignored. It is as Jesus Christ said at his first coming:

The Pharisees along with the Sadducees came seeking proof and asked of him [seeking proof that he was whom it was being claimed] that he would show them a sign from heaven. He answered and said to them, “When it is evening and the sky is red, you say that it will be fair weather. And in the morning it will be foul weather today when the sky is red and gloomy. Oh hypocrites, for you can discern the face of the sky, but you will not discern [refuse to discern or judge] the signs of the times” (Matthew 16:1-3).

Willing Ignorance and a Blind Eye
Although we (Church of God – PKG) hold fast to the conviction that Jesus Christ is returning as King of kings on May 27th of this year, it is understood that others fully disbelieve that such is possible in only a short time. Even if we were wrong, the “signs” are all around that this world is changing rapidly for the worse, shifting quickly before our very eyes, and that very troublous times are right in front of us. Ignoring the “signs” will not make such trouble go away. The false euphoria of choosing to believe that life is improving will only be a temporary experience and will only produce a far greater traumatic crash at the end.

Such exaggerated wishful thinking will only lead to a more painful reality once a complete global implosion strikes. The United States has already gone the way of Great Britain after WWII, but it will not address such a truth. Yes, the final prophesied collapse is at the door. At one time it was years away, then months, and now only weeks away.

Great effort is being exerted to ignore reality and to instead trust in a false belief about the true economic condition of the United States. Such false hope is about to be dashed to pieces. The truth is so plain, but willing blindness and pride is so great that simplicity cannot be heard. There is a link to a video that fully reflects the foolishness of ignoring basic truth concerning the current economic system of the U.S., and the world is beginning to mock the inevitability of its outcome. The video entitled, “Debt Limit – A Guide to American Federal Debt Made Easy,” is well worth viewing.

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The dollar is rapidly going the way of ancient Rome, yet the denarius and aurous were at least made of silver and gold. The world reserve currency is shifting rapidly. China and Russia have begun to drop the dollar in bilateral trade. Even China (world’s second largest economy) and Japan (world’s third largest economy) have entered into agreements to bypass the dollar and engage in direct currency trade. China and Iran have now agreed to bypass the dollar and barter in oil. India and Japan have agreed to begin swapping in their own currencies. It is reported that Iran and Russia are replacing the dollar with the rial and ruble in trade.  Then last week, it was reported that Iran and India have agreed to settle their annual oil trade in rupees.

It was stated rather poignantly by one American financial reporting agency about these trends: “But yes… the dollar still is the reserve currency… if only in which to make calculations of how many imaginary money one pays in exchange for imaginary ‘developed world’ collateral.”

The petrodollar bears its name for great reason and today its continued power and existence is being threatened on the world scene. Is it possibly true that some would like to see an escalation in tension with Iran that would actually trigger a war? It is this region of the world that prophecies concerning the king of the south and the king of the north become instrumental in bringing the world together in a third world war. That war is now very near! And who are the great players on the board that bring this to a final conflict? Who should you be watching? As she sleeps, the U.S. is about to lose its place as a major player, and Europe, Iran, China, Russia, and Israel will step in as the major players.

Europe Is Rising
The European Union is being pushed to the edge, and as a result, it is about to make a great shift in its direction and emerge in a new form. The 7th revival of the Holy Roman Empire is about to come on the world scene. After it has come together for a time, it will not be long before the Fifth Trumpet of Revelation sounds and great devastation follows.

For over sixty years, God’s Church has been warning the world about this final power that will come upon the world in the form of ten unified nations in Europe. The stage is being set and it is getting close to the time for the curtain to be raised. Just today, a headline from the EU Observer ( reads: “Nine EU countries form splinter group on financial tax.” It states, “A group of nine euro-countries led by France and Germany on Tuesday asked the Danish EU presidency to fast-track plans for a financial transactions tax – a move indicating they will forge ahead on their own in the absence of an EU-wide consensus.”

The final ten that emerge may be somewhat different and include other countries, or it may include these same nine countries. If it is these nine, there will already be ten, as the Vatican is considered a country, and it is most definitely part of this final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. How close do you think it might be? How quickly can it come on the world scene? This may be it!

Some Europeans and especially Germans do not respond well when pushed to the brink. Those who have the greatest stake in the euro are rapidly pushing for big change in order to survive. Their troubles are spiraling out of control as reports continue to flood in concerning the dire conditions that only mount with intensity.

Spain’s finance minister admitted last week that their unemployment rate has now jumped to 24 percent. Another report today states that the German debt-collecting group, Creditreform, has noted that 175,000 businesses went bust in western Europe last year, threatening 1.5 million jobs. The number is up 7% on 2010, but individual countries, such as Greece (27%), Spain (19%), Italy (17%) and Portugal (17%), saw a steeper increase due to the crisis.

Blatant Stupidity to Dismiss Islamic Beliefs
There is no other word to better describe the West’s attitude toward Iran than that of “stupidity.” To ignore or minimize the determination, belief, and capability of Iranian leaders, both governmental and religious, is one of the greatest acts of foolishness that any world leader can make. The motivation of Iranian leaders is far different from most who have ruled throughout the Islamic countries of the Middle East. Leaders like Hosni Mubarak or current military leaders of Egypt, Saddam Hussein or Nuri al-Maliki of Iraq, Bashar al-Assad of Syria, King Abdullah II of Jordan, the former Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Recep Erdogan of Turkey, and the many others that we could name, all have or have had vastly different motivations in leadership from that of Iran’s.

The primary motivation and zealous focus of Iranian leaders is squarely based upon their fervent Islamic Shiite belief in the coming of the prophesied 12th Imam Mahdi who will usher in Armageddon. Their belief is that the destruction of Israel will trigger “the coming” of the last Islamic Messiah. They believe that they are the ones who will fulfill Allah’s will to aid and help in the fulfillment of these end-time events.

Rather than explaining about continuing escalation of tensions in this region and the depth of their religious convictions that fuel these tensions, I am going to recommend another video that helps to explain their beliefs from their own perspective. This will help readers to better grasp the true seriousness behind the rhetoric of these leaders and why such rhetoric should not be dismissed so flippantly as so many are doing.

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The signs are everywhere, but few are willing to discern them.