Ronald Weinland

The Present Truth

The term “present truth” has come to mean much to God’s Church over the past few years, and it is possibly going to mean more to us now.

The “present truth”—truth that we have at this moment in time—truth that is “presently” with us is a possible reality that is not easy to carry. We have believed that Jesus Christ would begin his return in the atmosphere of this earth today, the Sabbath day of May 26th. We have believed this to be a matter of timing for sundown in Jerusalem toward the end of May 26th.

As I write this, that time is just about here and nothing has begun in the world that would signal the need or purpose for that reality—Christ’s return. Yes, it could still take place, as the timing in this present day of a worldwide observance of God’s Sabbath is still ongoing. Such is fully in God’s hands and according to His will, as to what comes to pass and when. It is true that after the captivity of Judah in Babylon that the Jewish people began using the Babylon system of counting time and God did begin to deal with them more according to the type of system they had begun to use. Certainly the weekly Sabbath and annual Holy Days were still counted according to God’s calendar of timing.

So today, I will still look for the possible fulfillment of all those things we have looked forward to right up to the end of the Sabbath day in Hawaii, as that is the timing used today in this modern world.

Yet I feel compelled to write this post, as I strongly feel it is necessary for God’s people right now. I will still look for the possibility of Christ’s coming right up until the very end of this Sabbath on earth. For the sake of all God’s people, I hope that there is not more we must learn concerning Christ’s return, but it appears we likely do have more to “see.” We know there is much that God has been revealing, in the manner that He has, which is due to a great spiritual war that continues right up to the coming of Jesus Christ. We have come to “see” (by experience and revelation from God) that God reveals to us what we need when we need it, especially during this end-time and the closing out of this age of mankind, with the process of bringing to an end Satan’s influence and rule in this world.

A Heavy Heart
The expression that best describes some of my emotion and empathy toward God’s Church at this time is that of a “heavy heart.” Though many ridicule and shake their head in disbelief of what we have published for this world over the past few years, and they will undoubtedly become worse after this time, I understand their disbelief. I also understand our belief and our holding fast to the truth God has revealed to us.

As the hours progressed this morning toward what we have looked to as a final countdown to Christ’s coming, there have been those things that have been flooding my mind that I have not wanted to address, but felt I should. I have experienced this every time in the past when God has begun revealing His will and purpose to me—revelation of more truth—understanding and clarification of truth already given.

We have indeed gone through many mixed feelings over the past few weeks as we have approached this Pentecost of 2012. The anticipation of such an event right up to the last minute reminds me of Abraham when he was about to follow through with the sacrifice of his own son. The feelings and emotion of such a time cannot be understood nor appreciated until having experienced something similar in faith. We now relate more to Noah than we ever did in the past. Such is pleasing to God that people remain faithful to the end when God intervenes to fulfill His word or to reveal another way. God revealed another way to Abraham. As I consider these truths, I understand the outrage that some will manifest by these words. I also understand the relief that God is giving me to “see” what He is revealing concerning “another way,” or an addition and clarification of “His way” to bring the end-time to a close.

By the end of this day, in the last time zone for this Sabbath day, if Jesus Christ has not begun his return to this earth, then we will do as a minister in the Netherlands said to me today concerning what God admonishes His people to do, “We move forward.” Indeed we will, for we know God’s Church.

So candidly, I am disappointed that Jesus Christ hasn’t begun his return. But I am also excited to know that there remains a short work in front of us. That will be explained in the Pentecost sermon that I will be organizing and prerecording as soon as I finish writing this post.

I wasn’t disappointed when God revealed to us that the two witnesses are not literally killed and then lie dead in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 ½ days. That revelation was easy to receive. That which God is now revealing is a little more difficult because we had our hope so set on Christ coming on this Pentecost. Knowing that he may not is indeed disappointing, but it is not something to shake our faith in any manner. Instead, we take the good with the bad and we move forward!

That which is most important is that we follow God where ever He leads and however He leads us. The reality is that due to what God is now revealing, I am also encouraged to see that much of what was written in 2008 – God’s Final Witness will become more meaningful and more powerfully revealed.

These things I am writing at this moment are being done so quickly in order to inform all God’s people that we are to “be strong and of good courage.” What we are living is not easy, but it is all for a very great purpose. Do not become discouraged, even though we know what is ahead will be difficult. People will have to face matters of employment, humility, finances, ridicule, etc., but we move forward ever thankful that the past 3 ½ years were not of great physical tribulation on this earth with the suffering it would have brought with it. But what is ahead is not easy. It will be difficult, but God will see us through.

Having said all this, I am now going to begin working on the Pentecost sermon that will be posted as soon as it is finished, just as this past Sabbath’s prerecorded sermon was posted. In this manner we can begin regrouping and refocusing on what lies ahead. Time passes and our hardships and trials will pass, and in all this God will be with you and give you the strength and intervention you need to move forward.

This Pentecost sermon will explain much. God has been merciful to us and has revealed so much to us over the past few years. He continues to do so. Wait on Him for He will not forsake us nor leave us.

Through all this my initial hope remains the same, as the sun has not set on the 26th in all the world. But if we must go forward, then so be it! God’s will be done.