Ronald Weinland

World Tensions Accelerating

This past Sabbath, before launching into the sermon itself, I spent quite a bit of time commenting on various news items. It is difficult in the English speaking countries to receive decent news as to what is actually going on in the world, as most are self-absorbed.

God’s Church believes that we are in the prophetic Day of the Lord that is from Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost of 2013. We are in the morning hours of that prophetic day, having already gone through the night time portion that began at sunset with the beginning of May 27th. We also know there is a prophetic “type” of the children of Israel marching around Jericho to the time we are experiencing now, when the sounding of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation will be fulfilled.

The unfolding of this process is not something that can be equally divided up in exact timing which is evenly spaced out during this final daylight portion of the Day of the Lord. But it will all happen within this period of time.

What we are experiencing now is a continuation of the First Trumpet blast that produces a collapsing U.S. Dollar. This entire period of time over the last four years is that process in motion. Although the world is being told that the Dollar is stronger than ever and that the economy is now on a rebound, the truth is that we are now accelerating toward a much larger collapse than that which began in 2008. This entire period of time highlights the pride that God is going to humble in this “prophetic day.”

Everything In Place
Anyone who is truly trying to stay alert to world news should be able see the quick pace of changing global conditions between nations and economic upheavals that are now rapidly accelerating. Everything is now in place for the Second Trumpet to sound. It is a matter of God’s perfect timing. It is sobering to grasp just how quickly this world can change and be thrust into a great world war.

Over this past week, tensions between nations have taken a serious giant leap forward.

China has heightened its warnings toward Japan and the U.S. over disputed territories in the East China Seas. Japan’s Prime Minster, Shinzo Abe, stated that he and his Cabinet are considering the use of “tracer” fire as a means of responding to airspace incursions by China. A Major General in China has responded by saying they would “not allow them (the Japanese) to fire the second shot.”

The United Nations is reporting confusion over why China quadrupled rice imports through 2012 at a time “that there is no obvious reason for vastly increased imports since there has been no rice shortage in China.” It is common knowledge that they have been storing vast reserves of minerals and other commodities. Why? Do they already have some great plan in motion?

The soon coming devastation that follows the sounding of the Second Trumpet is not able to be envisioned by watching current news, but will be the result of events that are currently undisclosed in nature and timing. However, the devastation from prophetic events concerning nations, especially those involving Europe in the eventual blowing of the Fifth Trumpet and the actions of Russia and China in the blowing of the Sixth Trumpet, can be readily foreseen through current news events. These news events that portend the actual blowing of these trumpets are now accelerating and becoming magnified.

Much of the news concerning China is about events that have been in the planning for some time now, especially when it comes to coordinated planning taking place among the nations referred to in Revelation 9. The enactment of these plans will abruptly come on the scene once the Sixth Trumpet sounds. It states that this (speaking of great devastation in world war) was prepared for “an hour, a day, a month, and a year” and results in destruction over a third of the earth.

China has recently finished construction of new tunnels and upgraded hundreds of miles of existing underground tunnels that have been modernized and widened in order to move nuclear missiles underground over long distances and to also protect large numbers of citizens during a war. An article entitled, “War Preparations Indicator,” reports that they have also upgraded their subway system in Beijing. It further states in the Global Times, published by the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, that this upgrade has been made to “withstand a nuclear or poison gas attack.” The question begs to be asked: Why is China making such extensive and costly preparations concerning war? The world is fast asleep to the reality and purpose of such massive preparations.

In response to such massive work to tunnel and subway systems, a U.S. official was quoted as stating that the disclosure of the subway’s capabilities to withstand attack is unusual since it highlights Beijing’s strategic nuclear modernization program, something normally kept secret from state-controlled media. It was further reported that the strategic nuclear buildup includes the expansion of offensive nuclear forces, missile defenses, and anti-satellite arms.

A Reuters article last week, “China’s space activities raising US satellite security concerns,” states the U.S. is concerned about China’s expanding ability to disrupt the most sensitive U.S. military and intelligence satellites, according to multiple sources in the U.S. government and outside space experts. They reported: “A classified U.S. intelligence assessment completed late last year analyzed China’s increasing activities in space and mapped out the growing vulnerability of U.S. satellites that provide secure military communications, warn about enemy missile launches and provide precise targeting coordinates.”

On Monday, the Business Insider published an article entitled, “China Already Has A Plan To Sink The US Fleet In Any Upcoming Battles.” The article discusses Chinese tactics in the use of their missiles against US weaponry and the potential outcome. The very nature of such discussion of Chinese activities says much.

Thus far we have only looked at a few of the articles available over this past week that concern China. Over such a short period of time, these news articles cry volumes concerning China’s plans that portend the blowing of the Sixth Trumpet.

All Is Not Golden
An article from the U.K.’s The Telegraph headlined, “Bundesbank to pull gold from New York and Paris in watershed moment.” It was reported that “the move marks an extraordinary breakdown in trust between leading central banks and has set off ferment among gold enthusiasts.” One gold trader was quoted in the article as stating, “History will look back on this salvo as being the beginning of the end of the US dollar as the reserve currency of choice.”

The bigger picture in this is what is now being firmly planted in the minds of the German people toward the government of the U.S. as matters of no-confidence and distrust grow to a point that the actions of the blowing of the Fifth Trumpet become apparent to the world. For nearly sixty years the New York Fed has stored what is now revealed to be 45% of all German gold (who reportedly is the second largest holder of reserves following the U.S. as first). Now there is much talk as to whether such vast reserves of gold in New York even exists.

“The Keiser Report” on RT (Russia Today TV) out of London has a very insightful report of current economic issues that surround this subject of German gold. Some may not like his presentation, but there is much insight in what he covers that will in a short time lead to far greater world conflict. It is rather long, but I would recommend listening to this report that can be found on YouTube (

Zero Hedge also addresses some of the dynamics of this abrupt shift in German policy in a report entitled, “It Begins: Bundesbank To Commence Repatriating Gold From New York Fed.” It states that “this is a momentous development, one which may signify that the regime of mutual assured and very much telegraphed trust in central banks by other central banks is ending.”

The World’s Sickman
The pertinent volume of news occurring over such a short period of time cannot begin to be covered by the overview of this post. January of 2013 is proving to be explosive in magnitude and acceleration for prophetic placement of final end-time events to occur at the sounding of the Trumpets of Revelation.

A powerful prophecy concerning the end-time and one that is largely focused upon the United States is now fulfilled. It characterizes it as “the whole head (its government) is sick, the whole heart (of the people) is faint (feeling worn out and futile in any effort to changing its course, and resigned to accept things as they are), and that from the sole of the foot to the top of the head there is no soundness at all” (Is. 1:5-6).

An organization in Europe whose focus is upon the growth and greater establishment of a United States of Europe (Europe 2020) has as a headline in its latest article under the subject of the United States, March – June 2013: “Unplugging the world’s sickman: last impact phase of the global systemic crisis.” The United States does not grasp how the rest of the world truly sees it today, but instead lives in a clouded euphoria of belief that it is the greatest and can never be reduced, let alone fall. But the world is seeing it much differently.

This article is one of the most insightful ever as to the current global condition in relationship to how most nations of the world see the U.S. In the context of what they describe as phases that lead to the end of meaningful global influence of the U.S. and the end of the Dollar as the global reserve currency, they forsee a simultaneous “decantation from which the world-after painfully emerges on the rubble of world geopolitical dislocation.” Indeed, many in Europe intend to fill the resulting void, as do other nations as well.

They outlined this decanting process several years ago. They now describe this vast global economic shift by stating: “But we had underestimated the decanting period’s duration which we have gone through for more than four years, a period during which all the “crisis” players have worked to a common goal, to gain time: the U.S., whilst making every effort to prevent the appearance of alternative solutions to the dollar, in spite of the catastrophic situation of all its systemic fundamentals, to prevent its creditors from abandoning it (i.e., discrediting other currencies including the Yen from now on, tenacity against the attempts to disconnect oil from the dollar, etc…); the rest of the world, is setting up skillful strategies consisting of maintaining its assistance towards the U.S. to avoid a sudden collapse from which it would be the first to suffer, and at the same time constructing alternative and decoupling solutions.”

They are explaining the strategies that nations must exercise in how they currently deal with the U.S., whom they see as inevitably collapsing, yet being cautious in how and when they decouple themselves. They continue by explaining that this long period of decanting caused by the “system’s apparent anesthesia” has caused them to “consider it necessary to add a sixth phase to our description of the crisis: the last impact phase which will occur in 2013.” Their insight is so prophetic in nature that it reminds me of a Biblical quote: “The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord Eternal has spoken, who can but prophesy?” (Amos 3:8). Their insight is so strong that more of that article needs to be quoted here.

“The U.S. certainly believed that the rest of the world would have an interest in keeping its economy on artificial respiratory assistance ad infinitum but it is likely that they don’t believe it any more today. As regards the rest of the world, the final chapters of the US crisis (major political crisis, decisional paralysis, near miss of the fiscal cliff, perspective of a payment default in March, and always the incapacity to implement the least structural solutions) convinced it of the imminence of a collapse, and all the players are on the look-out for the least sign of a swing to extricate themselves, conscious that by doing so they will precipitate the final collapse.”

They then really tackle the heart of the issue and that which, when it happens, will be a final blow to the U.S. economy, followed by a global economy that will subsequently struggle for existence and new structure. They continued in the article: “Our team considers that in the context of the extreme tensions – both domestic political and world financial tensions – induced by the next raising of the US debt ceiling in March 2013, the signs will not be lacking to cause the disappearance of US treasury bonds’ last purchasers, a disappearance which the Fed will no longer be able to compensate for, resulting in an increase in interest rates which will propel American indebtedness to astronomical levels, leaving no hope of ever being repaid to creditors who will prefer to throw in the towel and let the dollar collapse… a collapse of the dollar which will de facto correspond to the first genuine solution, painful certainty but real, for US indebtedness.”

They conclude this thought by stating: “It’s for this reason that our team anticipates that 2013, the first year of the World-Afterwards, will see a setting up of this “purifying” of US and world accounts. All the players are tending towards this step whose consequences are very difficult to predict but which is also an unavoidable solution to the crisis taking into account the United States structural incapacity to set up genuine debt-reduction strategies.”

Russia, Syria, and Iran
The axis of cooperation between these three countries says much about strategic planning coming out of Russia. From now through January 29th, Russia is exercising large naval drills in the Mediterranean and Black Seas amid the Syrian crisis.

Russia has also begun taking some nationals out of Syria and has contingency plans to evacuate as many as 30,000 Russian nationals. A DEBKAfile report out of Israel states that “this evacuation of Russian nationals starting Tuesday was decided after the Syrian high command received orders from President Assad to organize mobile armored strike groups with massive fire power for a big push to run the rebel forces out of the towns, villages and areas they have captured, mostly in the north and southeast.” In the midst of all this it is estimated that 60,000 have been killed in this war.

Yesterday, news reports were coming out about how Russia is helping Iran accelerate its nuclear program by setting up two sites to use laser technology to enrich uranium. Iran claims Russia has shown how lasers will help them to be 16 times more productive in enriching uranium, and that the use of lasers require less space and energy, and that such processing is much easier to hide.

Other News
Spiegel News in Germany is reporting that Pakistan, with a large number of nuclear weapons, has tumbled into chaos as a self-proclaimed revolutionary is attracting mass protests, while the highest court has ordered the prime minister’s arrest as the military waits in the wings to possibly step in as they have done so in past history.

This unrest in Pakistan is happening at a time when the Associated Press is reporting that India and Pakistan have been having a series of deadly skirmishes along the cease-fire line in the region of Kashmir. The headline of another article states, “India warns Kashmiris of possible nuclear attack.” Officials in the Indian-controlled Kashmir are warning residents to build bomb-proof basements and collect two weeks’ worth of food and water as they prepare for a possible nuclear war. It is astounding that such global reporting over this week is not being given coverage in most English speaking outlets.

Again, this post is only scratching the surface concerning the vast volumes of news reports that have come out in just the past week alone, which reveal accelerated and magnified tensions between nations. The only true hope for this world, in this age of potential self-destruction, is God’s quick and merciful intervention once this world begins its collapse. That collapse begins once the Second Trumpet sounds.