Ronald Weinland

Time Has Run Out

As I was considering how little time remains for this world, I was struck by words God spoke to Jeremiah. Although his work would prepare for the demise and captivity of Judah, his work would continue on in the preservation of the throne of David.

The prophecies God inspired through him covered the entire gamut of Israel’s history and His judgment upon them. That history itself also proved prophetic in nature because the nations of Israel have never changed, as they consistently repeated their same old sins.

God’s judgment upon his people, given through Jeremiah, was largely about the end-time. The consequences of that judgment are severe and far greater than most can grasp. As it has often been stated and needs to be repeated here, it is only through such suffering that the nations of Israel can be humbled and brought to repentance.

Though the nations of Israel have suffered through various wars and natural disasters, they have never experienced it to the magnitude of what is now rapidly approaching. Although it has been generally short lived, there have been large numbers of people who were humbled by such events. As God said, they were ever backsliding. Humility does not long endure in the heart of man.

It is an awesome thing to grasp what will make everything different for them this time. Though man can be brought to humility, only God’s spirit can transform him. We live at a most unique time in all human history, for when the nations of Israel begin to be humbled, God will begin to pour out His spirit upon them to “call” them to Himself and to His Son. This same process will then be followed and magnified as God does the same for the rest of the nations.

All of what will come to pass is God’s “perfect way” to quickly bring all nations under one worldwide government–His government. This is when the true healing of the nations can begin as the whole world is finally freed from bondage. God’s “calling” and God’s spirit will soon flood this earth.

Real Tribulation
The result of this world being humbled by great tribulation is far more beautiful and glorious than any can imagine, yet it will not come easy. Prophecies given through the prophets reveal a horrifying time of judgment that must come upon this earth. Thankfully, in His great mercy, God has mightily condensed the time for such suffering.

As was stated in a previous post, God’s Church believes we are in the final prophetic day in which God’s end-time judgment will be executed. But when will it begin in earnest? We watch and seek to be on guard spiritually, just as God’s Church has always been admonished to do. As each day passes all should strive to draw closer to God, as some of the greatest “spirit” battles are yet to be waged. Those battles have already been intensifying since we entered this prophetic day. Satan knows his time is quickly running out.

For all practical purposes, time has run out for the nations of Israel. Their governments wallow in confusion and there is no soundness in judgment. There is no ability to address their economies, which even much of the rest of the world sees as coming to an end.

Admonition to God’s Church
God’s Church foresees the quick beginning of the end for the nations of Israel once the Second Trumpet sounds. Prophets, apostles, and all of God’s people have always desired to know more specifics concerning the timing of final events. Now that we are so close and time remaining is so short, our desire to know more is still just as great. That is good if we “act” upon that knowledge God has given concerning just how fast time is closing in.

Indeed at some point soon, this world is going to be cast into great chaos. In the past few years, many have made plans with this final timing in mind. The example of making travel plans helps to magnify that point of concern about the timing of the Second Trumpet. Most have desired to be close to home when that event happens. That concern is greater now than ever before in all our planning as we seek to be as prepared as we believe we can. The bottom line is that our lives are in God’s care no matter where we are and how much planning we do. There is no better place to be! All prayers should reflect such desire and gratitude, for the Second Trumpet is closing in.

Truly, truly, now is the time to be on guard, far more than ever. These are not just words because the time before us is most urgent. This is strong admonition to those who have ears to hear.

So, going back to the beginning, I stated that I was struck by words that God spoke to Jeremiah. Speaking of preparing war to come upon Israel, it was stated that it should come up at noon and that “woe” would follow as the shadows continue to lengthen to the end of the day.

I was struck by this timing and could not help but consider how we must ever be so diligent all the way up until God’s Kingdom is established. Next week we will already be at noon in this Day of the Lord. From that point, the shadows of the day will grow longer until this day is fulfilled. We are to ever be on guard and ready spiritually and so much more as time continues to close in.

As several prophets and some apostles before me, I am imprisoned, but soon will be freed, as will all of mankind, and that is all by God’s purpose and power. It is with that in mind that I realize that if the sounding of the trumpets does not resume until after Passover that I likely will not be allowed to observe it in the manner Christ prescribed; however, my thoughts have not been about my inability to do so, but of yours, for the Second Trumpet could easily sound soon.

Such considerations are sobering and indeed they should be. So all should be moved by such soberness of mind and “act” more fully and more zealously upon the knowledge God has entrusted to you.