Ronald Weinland

God’s Visible Truth

Before I began writing this on the Sabbath and as I was seeking God's help and guidance concerning this post, I was marveling at how God has always led me in this end-time.

It has been a process of “building,” where one newly constructed (revealed) understanding has always led to the next one that He has given. This has been very much like constructing a building in that you cannot get ahead in the process as certain sections must be built first before you can proceed to another.

This process of how God has been revealing truth has happened so often since Pentecost of 1998 that I now recognize these moments quickly. I have learned how God works with me. Over 6,000 years, God has chosen many varying and maturing ways by which He has worked through His servants.

At this time that I was seeking God’s guidance for this post, I was in awe of how God had just revealed the meaning of the prophetic hour that is spoken of in Revelation: “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet, but receive power as kings one hour with the beast” (Rev. 17:12). This understanding came as a result of the last post in which God revealed more about specific areas of prophetic timing. As that was not the subject of the last post, none of this information was included in that post. Some will liken this to a “carrot,” as it will not be covered at this time either, and I am not yet sure of when it is supposed to be given.

Example from Herbert W. Armstrong
As I was seeking help for this post, a familiar example used by Herbert W. Armstrong came to mind. He sometimes referred to the process of God revealing more and more truth to the Church as being like pieces of a puzzle continually being added that made the picture of God’s plan grow clearer.

This post is a reminder of this process God has used to lead, inspire, mold, and give great growth to His Church. To see how awesomely God has blessed us with growing revelation of His plan is indeed encouraging and motivating. Reminders like this can help us mightily to continue in confidence to press forward and fight the warfare of this end-time.

It is also good that everyone be able to see that the picture established through many pieces of the puzzle given through Philadelphia is a completely different picture from the one that was given since that time and is made up of different puzzle pieces.

The picture of the puzzle given to Mr. Armstrong began with three corner pieces that were partially in place. The primary corner was what identified the Church that was established in 31 AD. That Church carried the name to whom it belonged and through whom it existed: God! It was the Church of God and all other churches were false.

The next piece was the knowledge of an identifying sign of God’s Church being that of obedience to the weekly seventh day Sabbath, which on most calendars is referred to by the very word “Sabbath” in the respective language it is found (as Sabado in Spanish), and then of course that day is referred to on English calendars as Saturday. It was from this corner piece that more of the true picture became enhanced as this led to knowledge and truth of the annual Sabbaths (annual Holy Days) and God’s 7,100 year plan of salvation for mankind.

The third corner of the puzzle that Mr. Armstrong had from the beginning was the truth of 1st Tithe. This led to greater understanding about the complete tithing system and its purpose. It was through the law of tithing in Old Testament time that the Levitical priesthood was supported for the purpose of helping keep Israel (and later, mostly Judah) focused on God. It is by the same process of tithing that God has insured a means through which He would do His work, especially within His Church.

The fourth corner can easily be likened to the first great truth that is attributed as being revealed through Mr. Armstrong, and that is the matter of God’s government. Once God calls a person into His Church, that individual’s grasp of how God works in His Church through human instruments becomes of major importance to one’s ability to grow and receive what God gives. The picture of God’s government spreads throughout the entire picture as all become more at one with God in all truth that is revealed.

In the era of Philadelphia, God gave 17 more primary pieces of the puzzle (17 additional truths). As all of these 21 great truths were fully established through this time, many smaller pieces of the puzzle were intertwined throughout. That helped to fill in an incredible picture of God’s great plan and purpose that He was working out concerning the creation of His Kingdom. This picture that had now become clearer than any other time in the past 6,000 years was then published in Herbert W. Armstrong’s greatest collective work: Mystery of the Ages.

Another Puzzle
Following what God revealed through Mr. Armstrong and after the great prophetic apostasy in the Church, God began to reveal an additional picture of a puzzle to His Church. It was not the same picture as the one given to Mr. Armstrong, but was built upon that original one (of those truths) given to him. This second picture that God gave his Church, with all the pieces of the puzzle He revealed, added many finishing touches and beautiful clarification to what had been given in Philadelphia.

This new picture would become very clear after all four corners had become established and many pieces of the puzzle filled-in through this time. As the puzzle was being filled-in it gave far more clarification to God’s work of final preparations for the establishment of His Kingdom and the reign of His Son as King of kings. During this period of time, God revealed 36 additional truths beyond what had been fully established during the era of Philadelphia.

The first corner gave stability and purpose to a remnant of God’s Church. The Church went through turbulent upheaval when doctrine became turned upside down, resulting in massive confusion and scattering that followed. God revealed that the prophesied apostasy of 2 Thessalonians 2 had come to pass. Many other pieces quickly began to follow as a very clear picture was given of how and why this had occurred in God’s Church.

Another great corner was given when God revealed that only He has eternally existed and that His Son had a beginning once he was given life through human birth. He then became the first to be born into the God Family — into Elohim. This truth opened the way to deeper spiritual insight into God’s Family and matters of a spirit world.

One more addition was given once God revealed that Christ could only return on a Pentecost and not on Trumpets. From the addition to this corner a great clarification on timing and prophetic preciseness emerged.

During the time of witness of 3 1/2 years, God revealed 7 truths that were separate and distinct, but all being based on a final corner from which all 7 truths emanated. These were a factor of time that is a transition from man’s 6,000 years of self-rule to that of the Millennium being established.

As we fight at a time that has some of the greatest spiritual battles ever, it is not only good and wise that we digest as fully as we can all 57 Truths God has revealed to His Church, but that we also be equipped with the inspiration and strength that comes from grasping the awesomeness God worked through Herbert W. Armstrong and has continued to do through this end-time.