Ronald Weinland


Pentecost of 2014 is not the day that Christ will return to begin his role as King of kings, yet that day will prove to be one of immense importance and timing in his coming. God is now revealing some understanding about this pivotal moment in time.

Since Pentecost of 2013, the Church has not been experiencing the manifestation of the “physical fulfillment” of the Day of the Lord. God’s Church was given to know that from Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost of 2013 the manifestation of the “spiritual fulfillment” of the Day of the Lord did occur.

As we have continued to move forward from Pentecost to Pentecost, God has continued to lead us more fully into truth and understanding concerning the time in which we are living and what we are presently experiencing.

From its 2,000 years of history, God’s Church has experienced one of its most unique periods of trying with testing, refining with cleansing, and revelation of truth with spiritual growth, during these past 5 ½ years. Some of this was addressed in the series, An Extraordinary 4 ½ Years, and now, more understanding is being given concerning another year that has now passed and of what is yet ahead.

As the Church has been rapidly approaching the Millennial period, God has poured out an ever vastly increasing amount of truth and understanding, especially since the manifestation of the Apostasy that occurred on December 17, 1994. Much of that truth had been given after actual specific events had occurred. After those events took place, God revealed their connection, fulfillment, and meaning.

For example, it was after the Apostasy, and because of it, that God began revealing much to the Church that it had not previously known. It was revealed that the “Apostasy” spoken of in 2 Thessalonians had occurred and this was the “primary sign” that a countdown to Christ’s coming had begun. Additionally, God revealed that this is when the First Seal of Revelation was opened. Yet, how many actually accepted that this prophesied Apostasy had occurred and that God was plainly revealing this to His Church? What other remote possibility was there for how this kind of devastation and mass scattering could occur, AND did take place, in God’s very own Church?

Yet there are some scattered organizations that believe the Apostasy has not yet happened. Instead, they believe that “their” church must become much larger than Worldwide was (with about 96,000 baptized members) before an apostasy can even take place. This is based on the belief that there must be 144,000 faithful baptized members who are living that will be resurrected into God’s government at Christ’s return. This would mean that the Church would have to be much larger than that, by many tens of thousands, so that after an apostasy there would still be 144,000 faithful remaining. These scattered groups do not understand that this number is a total of all with whom God has been working to prepare for that government over the past 6,000 years.

So who has accepted that there was an Apostasy and that it was headed by the man who did “sit” (Gk. – to “sit” in authority in government) in the temple of God (as though he was God) and who became this prophesied “man of sin” and “son of perdition”? This man did make himself “as God,” who alone establishes law, but this man changed the laws of God to those of his own liking. Who has plainly believed, understood, and acknowledged that it was the man Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. who perpetrated and fulfilled these things against God and Christ – who became the “principal antichrist” of all antichrists?

As God began to reveal what happened to His Church, He also began to reveal how and why it had happened. God revealed that the entire Church was fully Laodicean and had become so lukewarm that it had fallen asleep, so it was spewed out entirely from Himself, just as He said it would be. However, who among the scattered have acknowledged they were among those Laodiceans? The answer to all these questions is: only God’s true Church! Only those who are spiritually awake and alert, and remain that way, can hear Christ’s voice, acknowledge truth, and follow him.

We Want To Know
We are living what all others who have faithfully gone before us have lived. We too want to know when the Messiah will establish the Kingdom of God. The more we grow spiritually, with a world that is rapidly becoming more corrupt and evil, we are becoming ever more eager to see this age come to a close and for Christ to begin his reign. This is intensified mightily by the fact that we know we are now living in a period where the final seal of Revelation has already been opened and we are only waiting upon the physical manifestation of the Second Trumpet.

All this reminds me of a card that was sent to me by a senior elder as she expressed some of this anticipation and sentiment in a comical manner by making a statement that is something that most parents have experienced when traveling with young children. They often ask, as she stated in her card to me, “Are we there yet?” We too, as God’s children can be very much like that as we want to complete this journey as soon as possible, and we really don’t want to have to go much farther to get there, because the ride isn’t all that comfortable. We are not there and we do have farther to go.

Everyone knows the example of Daniel and how he asked God about the end (fulfillment) of what he had written concerning the coming of the Messiah and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. Daniel was simply told to seal the book (that he was not to know the meaning, nor the timing) because it was to remain closed (sealed, unrevealed) “until the time of the end” (Dan. 12:9).

Over the past few years, God has been opening (unsealing, revealing) the meaning of those very things – not all at once, but progressively so. To better understand what we have lived (experienced) over the period of the 1335 days from Trumpets of 2008 (Sept. 30) to Pentecost of 2012, the year that followed, then the present year that is now coming to a close, and finally the time which is now before us, there is a need to address the varying manner and means through which God has revealed much truth to His Church. There are numerous “variables” in which God’s word is written in order to reveal truth, meaning, and purpose concerning how His plan is becoming fulfilled in the creation of Elohim – the Kingdom of God. Examples of these “variables” are replete throughout scripture, which include such things as the use of duality, types, physical/spiritual parallels and duality, repetitious fulfillment, progressive fulfillment, present truth, and more.

Examples include the comparison of such things like the church in the wilderness (physical Israel in the wilderness) with God’s Church in this world, in a spiritual wilderness: Egypt that is likened to spiritual slavery (bondage), sin, and pride; Pharaoh is a type for Satan; leaven is a type for sin; sackcloth is a type for humility; physical circumcision is a type for spiritual circumcision of the heart, etc.

There is duality in the desolation of the physical temple by Antiochus Epiphanes (an abomination of desolation) with the desolation of the temple, the Church, by the man of sin, the son of perdition. There is a type of the spiritual Eden of God (in the spirit realm) with the physical Garden of Eden of Adam and Eve.

Then there are matters of repetitive fulfillment as with the many generations (and eras) of the Church experiencing the fulfillment of the parable of the seed that is sown and that of the tares. Many scriptures refer to the repeated treatment and fulfillment of cruelty and injustice (imprisonments, beatings, and executions) exercised by governments upon God’s prophets, apostles, and people through time – repeated generation after generation.

There is a great deal of progressive fulfillment of prophecy that is especially directed toward things to be fulfilled during this end-time. The prophecy of Joel that is quoted by Peter on the first Pentecost experienced by the Church is an excellent example of such a process. Because of their inability to grasp the miracle of speaking (and hearing) in different languages, there were those who had concluded that the disciples were drunk, so Peter quoted what the prophet Joel had written concerning this event.

“For these (the disciples) are not drunk as you suppose (have concluded), seeing it is but the third hour of the day (9 am in the morning). But this is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel, that it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh (this was the beginning of that fulfillment). Your sons and your daughters shall prophecy (experience the ability through inspired speech to converse about God’s prophetic plan), and your young men shall see visions (able to see and experience what God has prophesied through visions to others), and your old men shall dream dreams (those who were old and died, resurrected to life again and able to live their original hearts’ dreams for life that they could not attain in their first life). On my servants and handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my spirit (God giving of His spirit to all whom He calls), and they shall prophesy (speak God’s word with inspiration, truth, and understanding). I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath of blood, fire, vapor, and smoke (actual end-time events that will usher in the greater fulfillment of God pouring out His spirit on all flesh). The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and notable Day of the Lord comes” (Acts 2:15-20).

This is a “progressive fulfillment,” as not all of Joel’s prophecy was at that moment being fulfilled, but only a portion – a beginning portion. He referred to what would come to pass in the last days. Joel’s prophecy was not only referring to the very end-time in which we are now living, but also of what was just beginning at that specific time to be fulfilled, starting then in those “last days” that would continue for the next 2,000 years plus. This was indeed the beginning of the latter days of God’s 7,000-year plan (at that time, 4,000 years had now passed).

There is also abundant use of a combination of these variables that are used in God’s word, as in the example of the use of both progressive and repetitive fulfillment in prophecies concerning the “Elijah to come.” These variables are seemingly endless in scripture, as God has chosen many means through which He has revealed Himself and His plan, purpose, and truth to those whom He calls. It is through these same type of variables and combinations that God is now revealing more to His Church about where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going.

Change and Following God
There is so much that God has suddenly begun to reveal that it will be difficult to capture, summarize, and adequately explain much of it in a single post such as this. This could be written in a series with greater depth, but as Pentecost is rapidly approaching, it is best to get this written now.

God is not yet revealing specific timing of all that is now going to be covered, but He is giving us a clearer outline of events in what we have been living since Trumpets 2008 and of what is now before us. In all this, it is important to remember that there are great reasons why everything is not fully revealed to us all at one time. Some of that is for the purpose of trying and testing, some for creating stronger faith and character in those who yield to God, some for the development of truer and stronger humility, and some because of spiritual warfare and strategies. In all of this, it is good to remember that much of the warring that has occurred through time in the angelic realm is nearing it crescendo and completion, with Satan and the demons being fully restrained without power for the next 1,100 years.

To better understand where God is now leading us, we must first have a firm understanding of our recent history and of how He has been working with us. The decisions and choices we make in our life concerning how we follow God are always based on “present truth” (truth that God has revealed to us in that moment of time). Within this variable, we are generally confronted with change when God reveals more truth and gives more revelation in prophecy in the progressive manner that He does. Our decisions and choices must also change accordingly when that happens, as this is when we must determine to follow God in the direction He leads us. This is always because we are to live by the present truth (in response to it, according to it) and change our lives to be in unity with it.

Such decisions are easily understood by many recent examples. Many of these have been covered before, but one example of great importance that stands out needs to be repeated concerning events in 2008.

God had inspired the second book I was to write and directed me to give it a specific title: 2008 – God’s Final Witness. God had revealed that 2008 was the year for the two-witnesses to begin their witness, in which God would “establish” them as His two witnesses. A specific countdown was to begin from 2008, which would include the prophetic periods of 1335, 1290, and 1260 days. As God revealed that present truth, I made decisions and choices based on that revelation.

Looking back on all this, I can now understand that as an apostle, I first concluded from these things that had just been revealed, combined with the additional beliefs we held at that time, that these prophetic dates all ended at Christ’s literal return. God could have revealed otherwise, but it was within His purpose to establish His witnesses that this should be their focus and obedient belief. Therefore, it was concluded that Christ’s return would have to be on Trumpets of 2011. However, as already covered in the post of May 2013 (Extraordinary 4 ½ Years), this date of 2011 was changed in order to follow God in a new truth He revealed at that time. It would be good to quote some of that here.

“Starting on Pentecost in 2008, God began revealing more. The timing of everything was about to change as God began to reveal the importance of the timing of the wave loaves being of the same kind of importance as the timing of the Wave Sheaf that Jesus Christ fulfilled perfectly according to God’s time.”

“…So in that sermon, God revealed that Christ was not going to return on a Feast of Trumpets, but on a Pentecost. This timing was critical to God’s plan concerning the fulfillment of the wave loaves being offered up before God that pictured His acceptance of the 144,000. This was of the same importance as the acceptance of the wave sheaf during the Days of Unleavened Bread that Jesus Christ fulfilled. We then changed the dates of our previous understanding of timing as soon as God revealed the truth of this matter of Christ returning on a Pentecost. As a result of this understanding, the beginning of the 3 ½ years of witness was pushed back by nearly 8 months, to the end, rather than at the beginning, of 2008.”

After God revealed this truth to the Church, that Jesus Christ would return on a Pentecost, everything then tied together in a very inspiring manner as the 1335 days from Trumpets of 2008 (concerning the final sealing of the 144,000) came to Pentecost of 2012. This was our present truth and we acted (responded) and prepared accordingly – with great conviction. Since most of this has already been covered in that series, I won’t be repeating more of it here. Although Pentecost 2012 was not the date of Christ’s return, it was the date that fulfilled these prophecies that ultimately completed the sealing of those remaining to be added in order to finalize the full count of 144,000. That day also concluded a period to establish a prophesied “final judgment.”

In what we experienced at that time, God was leading us through a combination of “progressive revelation” and “new truth” that He added to His Church. Whenever such a thing happens, we adjust our course accordingly and change whatever we must in order to continue following God in the way He leads us.

Yet, not all changed “their” course in order to continue following God. During that 4 ½ year period following Trumpets of 2008, most in the Church yielded themselves to being refined and were made much stronger “in” God. However, there were those who chose to quit following God and the incredible 57 Truths He gave to His Church. The exact same thing will be repeated and continue to happen as we move further into the period now before us.

Before proceeding into the next section concerning what God is now revealing, certain facts need to be stated up front so that no one is confused by the reality and truth of these statements. We did experience 3 ½ years of a “final witness” that did fulfill the prophetic 1335, 1290, and 1260 days of Daniel. In addition, we also lived and experienced the year that followed, which was the spiritual manifestation of the “Day of the Lord,” which pertained to God’s Church. God is now blessing us to build upon that knowledge and experience.

Now, also, as a clarification (since there are a few who seem to misunderstand some of what has been taught), there is the period of a time, times, and half-a-time that consists of 1260 days – 3 ½ years – (where a “time” is 360 days). However, that period also had a “spiritual” intent concerning the “revelation of God’s judgment.” This was revealed through setting aside that first 280 days, which established a period of “judgment” in which a final counting of a time, times, and half-a-time followed, where a “time” was now established as 280 days. This count pertained to God’s “judgment,” with witness (testimony), during that full period.

That which God is now revealing is being done so, through the variables (and combinations of them) that were covered earlier.

Revelation 11
In this chapter of the bible, God reveals two end-time witnesses and a work He had predetermined that they were to fulfill. That work has only partially been fulfilled and a far greater work is yet to come. God Almighty is orderly, exacting, and precise in making sure those things He had before ordained throughout all the prophecy He has inspired to be written should come to pass. The calling, training, and preparing of the two witnesses includes such a process. It becomes awesomely exciting once we can “see” His work and what He is methodically bringing to pass in this matter.

So as not to disrupt the focus of the subject matter that is about to be written, there is a need to first mention something about a statement that will be made in the second paragraph following this one. That statement is, “Toward the end of that 3 ½ year period following December 14 of 2008, which was the beginning work of the two witnesses and when the First Trumpet was blown, a final phase began in a countdown to the return of Christ…” It should be stated that at that time we believed that Christ’s return would be Pentecost of 2012. However, we learned that was clearly not the case, but it needs to be stated that December 14 of 2008 was a major marker in a precise final phase for a countdown to Christ’s coming. It was when the First Seal was opened on December 17, 1994, that the actual countdown to Christ’s return began. God is now beginning to reveal more about the final phase of that countdown to Christ’s coming.

Revelation 11 (continued)
As with the Apostasy, we did not grasp what was happening until well after it had occurred. Then God opened up (revealed) His word so that we could see how it applied to that time and what had happened to His Church. In a similar manner, God is revealing more in Revelation 10 and 11 that is about the work of the two witnesses.

We did not even grasp the deep significance of the title of the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, until well after it had been written. Toward the end of that 3 ½ year period following December 14 of 2008, which was the beginning work of the two witnesses and when the First Trumpet was blown, a final phase began in a countdown to the return of Christ, and especially in the year that followed, we came to “see” that a powerful “final witness” had been established against this world, as it would not listen to God now, just as it has not listened for the past 6,000 years. Such a “witness” had to be established within this “present generation” of mankind in order for God’s righteous judgment to be established for what He is now about to bring upon this earth.

God also established a “final witness” against Satan so that His righteous judgment could be firmly established in this generation for what must now be carried out against Satan and the demons.

We have also come to understand how God established a “final witness” within the environs of the Church. As a matter of fact, we came to “see” how the job (work) of the two witnesses during that 3 ½ years was on a spiritual plane, as a matter of a “witness” they established. That spiritual phase concerned the Church. It also concerned those who were largely once a part of God’s Church, including some in the world, who hate God’s final witness and who hate His two-witnesses. God revealed to us the spiritual interpretation of Revelation 11 as it applied to these matters.

However, God is now revealing that everything that has been written previously concerning the fulfillment of the work of these two witnesses is also going to be fulfilled on a “physical plane,” just as it was written of them in 2008 – God’s Final Witness. It is “dual fulfillment,” with the first phase being on a “spiritual plane” and the second and last phase to be fulfilled on a “physical plane.”

In all of this, there are timelines that God will precisely fulfill, but He is not yet “fully revealing” to the Church when this final period of a final work of these two witnesses is to be accomplished, which will be a work God does over a 1260-day period (3 ½ years). God is not yet fully revealing to the Church a specific timing as to when this physical phase of the work of his two witnesses begins.

There is important duality that needs to be noted in the following verse: “I will give unto my two witnesses that they may prophesy a thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth” (Rev. 11:3). This will be addressed more fully later in this post; however, it is important to first know that this is dual. This period applied to the first spiritual phase where God established His “final witness” and also established His two witnesses. Establishing these witnesses was, and still is, a matter of establishing (creating) a level of humility (wearing of sackcloth) that is needed to carry out the kind of work that will be accomplished through them.

As all this is now being revealed, there may be feelings of disappointment that Christ isn’t returning as soon as we had hoped, for we do deeply long for His coming and a new world to be established. But we have been called to fulfill and spearhead some of the most dramatic and purpose-filled events in God’s plan through time. We still have a “great work” before us and God is revealing that vision to us.

This is a time to seek greater courage and of being stronger in spirit. God is calling upon us to do more, much more! All this will become too much for some, and as it has always been, they will not choose to continue following and living the truth God delivered to them. However, such a choice will not change the struggles and battles in life that are before us, nor of what is coming, as conditions in this world are going to become much worse!

Pentecost to Pentecost
Over the past year, God gave us a direction to follow that was from “Pentecost to Pentecost” so that we would keep moving forward in a unified, and more spiritually focused manner. That is now changing somewhat, as we have made it to the Pentecost God desired for us to attain (reach in a spiritually strong fashion). It is as we are approaching this Pentecost that God is clarifying what our vision needs to be concerning Christ’s coming. Yet in all of this, we will still anticipate the Pentecost of Christ’s coming.

That which is now before us concerns a “work” that must be accomplished by God’s two witnesses and the Church. This is not a witness (testimony) that is being established, as we have already lived that! So what is before us now is not a witness, but a “great work!” For the Church, it is a work of supporting and lifting up the arms of God’s two witnesses. For the two witnesses, it will be a work of declaring why end-time events have come upon this world and it will also be a work of directly participating in some to the execution of judgment from a final witness that has now been firmly established.

At this time, we are no longer simply going to be focused on moving ahead one year at a time. After what has now been stated about a “great work” before us and the duality in the 1,260 days of God’s witnesses, it should be obvious that God is revealing a minimum period of 3 ½ years that is before us in order to fulfill the duality of the “physical phase” of the work of His two witnesses.

In all this, it is wise to remember that we willingly gave our life to God at baptism to serve Him as He wills. Our life is not our own to live in selfishness – in selfish pursuits in this life. Such pursuits would be short-lived anyway since this world will be plunged into the worst times of its history. Only the flood in Noah’s day saw more death (percentage-wise) in mankind’s history, but it happened over a much shorter period than what is about to come. Prayerfully, we will enthusiastically embrace this great work God is showing that is yet before us. We have been preparing (PKG – Preparing for the Kingdom of God) for this time and what it will usher into this world.

In addition to this final phase of the two witnesses, God is also revealing that there is another period of time that is to be fulfilled. As we go through some of these verses in Revelation, we will cover that as well. The time that is yet before us, before the final phase of this great work begins, is a period where the Church will have the finishing touches of refinement and preparation given to it for what is ahead of us to complete. We are in this to the end – the very end of this age and the beginning of a new one. So let’s consider more of what God is giving us.

As I am writing this, I cannot help but be struck that even as John was imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos by the government in his time, it was at that time that God gave him the words of Revelation to be written. Now, myself being imprisoned by our own government, God is giving me some of the most revealing understanding of what was written about this great work that is yet before us (all of us in the Church) that is so timely, and that which is specifically about the two witnesses.

Revelation 10
There is an account written in the bible that leads up to God revealing two witnesses who will come on the scene in world events, which begins in Revelation 10. Only the Church has seen and received them (the witnesses), but their “primary work” has not yet been revealed in world events.

Men inserted chapters and verses into scripture. For what God is now showing us, we need to see Revelation 10 and 11 as a continual story flow that unfolds before us.

This all begins by John seeing an angel who held a little book in his hand. The two words, “little” and “book,” are from one Greek word that would be better translated as “booklet” (or as a small section of scroll). Yet even the word “booklet” does not fully capture the meaning, or intent, of what is being spoken.

Within the context of this occurrence, the angel with the “opened” booklet (or small section of scroll) began to cry aloud. What did he say? He cried out the Seven Thunders, and once these had been declared, John was going to write what was stated about those thunders. However, John was told not to write them, but to seal what was declared. It is similar to what Daniel experienced when he was told that what he had written was “closed up and sealed until the time of the end” (Dan. 12:9). In John’s case, he was not even to write what had been clearly “opened up” and declared to him.

Until now, God had not revealed the connection between the “opened booklet” and the Seven Thunders that were declared by the angel, although it was always right in front of us. The angel simply declared aloud what was “temporarily opened” about the Seven Thunders. John could only record that he “heard” what was said about these thunders, but he was to “seal” them (close what had been opened), and he was not to write what they were. They were to be opened (unsealed) and written about in another period of time – this end-time. “Seal up (close) those things which the Seven Thunders declared, and do not write them” (Rev. 10:4).

Then the voice he had heard from heaven spoke again to John and said, “Go take the booklet (small section of scroll) which is open in the hand of the angel which stands upon the sea and upon the earth” (Rev. 10:8). This is then followed by John doing as he was told and of what the angel then instructed him to do with that small section of scroll that was open.

“Then I went unto the angel and said to him, give me the booklet. He said unto me, Take it and eat it up, for it shall make your stomach bitter, but it shall be as sweet as honey in your mouth” (Rev. 10:9). John took the booklet and ate it. He then said, “It was sweet as honey in my mouth, but as soon as I had eaten it my stomach was bitter” (Rev. 10:10).

These Seven Thunders have once again been opened by God through Jesus Christ and recorded in 2008 – God’s Final Witness. This book is not what John ate, but the small section in the book that states (summarizes) what these thunders are is what he ate. It was not that large book, but only a specific little section of it.

Indeed, when God revealed those thunders and even granted certain latitude to add more specifics to them, it was an exciting experience to consume such a thing given from the hand of God. It was also exciting to know that these events are those that would have much to do with thrusting a final great work forward so that an end to a selfish and unruly age of man could be finally brought to a close. It was even far greater to grasp that this would be followed by a very great revelation of God to all mankind.

However, as the message of these thunders was tied directly into God’s “final witness” in this world, especially as 2012 drew to a close, then the experience became bitter to digest (to experience the result of directly partaking, eating of, the message). The “witness” of this world, the scattered Church, and even a few within the environs of the Church was that the message (along with the entire book) was rejected, ridiculed, and slandered. To most in the world and the scattered Church, this became their evidence, supposedly so, that we were not God’s two witnesses, and that most assuredly I was no prophet of God. Instead, I was mocked as a “profit” from God, even by our own government.

All of this was for a greater purpose that God has been working out and some of that had to do with our learning to wear sackcloth – of becoming stronger in humility. The more we become at-one with God, the more we will be clothed in humility. The greater a task – “work” – God gives to any person to fulfill in His service, the greater the need for closer unity and of being more at-one with God, and also for an ever deepening and growing spirit of humility. This is exactly the process God is using to prepare His two witnesses (and the Church) for what yet lies ahead. The things they have experienced and continue to experience are the very things that prepare them to carry out the kind of work (task) that those final 1,260 days must accomplish.

Prophesy Again
After the angel instructed John to eat the message of the Seven Thunders, the angel continued with more instruction. “You must prophesy again before many peoples, nations, languages, and kings (leaders, rulers)” (Rev. 10:11). This instruction followed directly after those things that concerned the Seven Thunders and John’s experience of the sweetness in his mouth and the bitterness in his stomach from eating the message. That message has now gone out into the world, as a witness. It is a declaration of prophesied events that will work “against” unrepentant people, nations, and leaders.

The message from this angel is about prophecy that will be given “again.” That Greek word, “again,” carries the idea of oscillatory repetition, and when used in the context of time it literally means “once more.” The entire prophetic message of 2008 – God’s Final Witness was written and sent out into the world in seven languages. It has gone out to many people, nations (into nearly all), languages, and leaders, but when it goes out “once more,” it will be in a far more massive manner.

The angel said this prophecy must once again go out “before” many people, nations, languages, and leaders. The Greek word translated as “before” is most often translated as “against,” but often carries the additional thought of being “before someone,” as “in their presence.” This part of the verse is simply stating what must be accomplished “once more” by what was written in the book of prophesied events that will come “against” people, nations, and leaders – just as it is recorded in the Seven Thunders and the rest of 2008 – God’s Final Witness.

The first time this message went out (in that published book), which was a message that was “against” this world, it was a matter of a “witness against the world” that had to first be established. The next time (“once more”), it will be a matter of the active fulfillment of those events, as the actual execution of judgment is carried out against this world. It will be the actual manifestation of all those physical events.

In addition, more events that are against some people, nations, and leaders will be pronounced and quickly manifested as these two witnesses so choose and determine they should happen. Those events will occur only within the final phase of the 1,260 days of the two witnesses. “These have power to shut the heavens so that it will not rain in the days of their prophecy, and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to strike the earth with all plagues, as often as they will” (Rev. 11:6).

Another Period of Time
This interaction between the angel and John is then followed by one last instruction given to John. There have been repetitious types of this that have seen partial fulfillment of such an event many times throughout the history of the Church, but there is one literal, final, and complete fulfillment that God is revealing, which is occupying the “present time” we are now living.

“There was given to me a reed like unto a rod, and the angel stood up and said, Rise and measure the temple of God, the altar, and those who worship therein” (Rev. 11:1).

The temple of God is the Church and during this period of time it must go through a final phase of cleansing, purification, growth, and preparation for “participation” in the great work before it. This is about an execution of manifested judgment – by God and Christ – that results in the true measurement of those who are truly yielded to God. This is about those who practice going before the altar of God by utilizing the sacrifice of Christ as their Passover (actively and continually seeking forgiveness of sin). These are those who seek mercy and genuine change (transformation) in order to “remain in” (to continue in, abide in) the temple to “worship” God in spirit and in truth.

“But the court which is outside the temple, cast out, and do not measure it, for it is given to the gentiles, and they shall tread under foot the holy city for forty-two months” (Rev. 11:2).

This has already begun! Some have been in the environs of the Church and not really “in” (dwelling spiritually within) the Church (in the temple of God), but they are in the courtyard with an “appearance” of being among those who worship “in” the Church. Although it applies to his counterpart for the end-time, John was instructed to “cast out” (disfellowship) such individuals and count them (measure them) as gentiles – fully as non-believers.

This verse then concludes by saying, “they” shall tread under foot the holy city (spiritual Jerusalem – the Church) for forty-two months. The “they” who do this is largely made up of those who have been “cast out” of the presence of a pseudo-association with God’s people. They are clearly exposed for who they are – those who are against God, against Christ, and against His Church.

Most of these individuals who are “cast out” are those who choose to walk over (stamp under foot) everything that God has made holy – spiritually sanctified. This includes the practice of lying, slander, half-truth mixed with false stories, accusation, distortion of God’s truth, mockery, ridicule and much more that is exercised by these individuals upon God’s Church.

As it was just stated, “This has already begun.” God has not fully revealed when it began, as it may have begun on Pentecost of 2012 or 2013. I speak this as an apostle from interpretation of “present truth” God has now given. Therefore the exact year has not yet been fully revealed. In addition, God can alter His execution of timing, but He will not change the actual prophesied events that He has revealed to His prophets.

Three Clarifications
1. Seven Thunders: In all that has been covered to this point, the manifestation of the Seven Thunders needs to be understood. Once the Sixth Seal was opened, some of these thunders began to sound, and then in 2008, these began to increase. Throughout most of the time since then, that process has continued with an increase in repetition, intensity, and with some multiples of them sounding at the same time. Most of this has been for the purpose of God working to keep the Church focused and watchful during the difficult stage that was a more intense period of trying and testing.

As it has been stated many times in the past, the thunders will continue to increase in magnitude, closeness of repetition, and even with multiple thunders occurring simultaneously. This is a process that will actually become much stronger as we proceed forward from this Pentecost. The greatest power from these thunders will be poured out during the physical fulfillment of the 1,260 days of God’s witnesses.

2. First Trumpet Blown: God will not reveal the full scope of understanding in the blowing of each trumpet until after the major manifestation of each one occurs. On December 14, 2008, the First Trumpet was blown.

As it has been stated in the past, this was not the time for the physical manifestation of this trumpet blast. This trumpet sound carries a literal, physical manifestation that in itself is prophetic in nature, and it carries a “prophetically symbolic” manifestation. This is akin to the prophetic nature of the First Seal, in that once it was opened (concerning the Apostasy), its effect and continuing destruction has carried on and grown throughout the rest of the seals that have been opened.

With this First Trumpet, the result of its physical effect will build and continue to increase in its destructive power throughout the time for the manifestation of each of the following trumpets. This is a process that will continue to unfold until that which has been stated concerning this trumpet is completely fulfilled.

The “prophetic, symbolic” destruction from this trumpet was manifested beginning in 2008. It primarily concerns the destruction of the “green back” – the U.S. Dollar – and the complete economic collapse, along with the destruction of productivity of the United States. The reality is that it has already collapsed, but is presently being sustained (supported) by false (deceitful) economic policy, monetary creation, and willing complicity in the participation of these devious practices within large business (industry), banking, government, as well as by commodity and stock market participants.

This prophetic, symbolic destruction of the First Trumpet will not carry-on through all the remaining trumpets, but it will become an actual physically fulfilled reality before the manifestation of the Fifth Trumpet.

3. Fifth Trumpet: As it has been stated in the past, this is the only trumpet blast that carries a spiritual fulfillment and a physical one. This trumpet carries some duality on both a physical and spiritual plane. The spiritual fulfillment of some of the verses pertaining to this trumpet were about the Church, and these have already been fulfilled. The physical manifestation of this trumpet blast will occur in its natural order after the Fourth Trumpet blast has been fulfilled.

LGD – 2011
Lastly, in this final section of this post, I’m going to address part of what was covered in a sermon on the Last Great Day in 2011. It concerned thoughts conveyed to me deep into the night of Atonement (2011) that I shared with the Church in that LGD sermon.

Although this account could be covered a little more fully, I am simply going to quote some of what was stated in that sermon and give some basic clarification on what was involved. Looking back at what was stated throughout that sermon and the incredible timing in which God inspired it to be given, it is even far more deeply inspiring now!

That sermon was entitled, “A Time to be Sobered.” It primarily addressed the commitment of God’s people to live His way of life – His truth – with deep and genuine conviction, regardless of what happens in life.

God was both preparing us for what was to come that would bring us all the way to this Pentecost and inspiring us to complete the “witness” that was to be established by May 27, 2012.

Now I’ll give some quotes from that sermon:

“Now! Now is a time to look at yourself, to be sobered, to take a deep look at yourself and what you believe. On Atonement we were fasting in Melbourne and deep into the night of fasting, I was awakened with different thoughts. I received different thoughts that I am now going to share with you. (These) thoughts were somewhat unsettling but thoughts concerning matters that have led me to understanding what God wanted me to address here today so that I could speak to you about them. Remember, going back in history I’ve mentioned at different times, it’s been at times like that, deep into the night – that I’ve awakened and God has given me a lot of things (that have) to do with the Church, and where the Church is going, and where He is leading it. Incredible! Probably that’s when I have my clearest thoughts and calm environment and no stress and can listen a little more carefully in mind.”

“First, the thought that I received: ‘May 27, 2012, is not the day of Jesus Christ’s return.’”

A couple of paragraphs later, the second part was stated:

“Second, the thought that I received after awakening that night of Atonement: ‘You have not yet started your job as a witness as you have supposed, but you will begin to do so once fully clothed in sackcloth. And Christ not returning on May 27th will be used to facilitate that reality, and people are going to hate you far more than they do at this time, in the world.’”

A thought conveyed to me in the midst of this was that there is another 3 ½ years that must be fulfilled. As many of the major things that have been conveyed to me have been given deep into the night, this occasion was different in that it “didn’t seem” the same as other occasions. Instead, in my thinking, it carried a sense of uneasiness because it didn’t seem to be conveyed in the same spirit as before, but was as if it seemed to be (by my feeling) conveyed in somewhat of a “pleased spirit,” as though the delivery of the message was being done in a self-satisfying manner. God does not convey in that manner, but in one of patience, love, clarity, and inspiration.

It was my perception that this was not communicated directly from God, but from Satan. However, I have carried some confusion over all this because I had not understood why it was allowed. One day I will learn even more fully the truth in all this, as my perception may have been my own personal response to the possibility of Christ not coming in 2012, but I don’t think that is the case.

Indeed, perhaps Satan was allowed to convey this message, as it was not a complete message. It was only partially true concerning the additional 3 ½ years to be fulfilled, as we now know the period following 2012 should be close to double that (or even somewhat more). There are more quotes concerning this coverage in the sermon:

“When Jesus was fasting, God allowed Satan to come to Him with an attempt to dissuade him from the task before him, to lead Christ away from the job he was to fulfill. Yet Christ answered Satan with God’s own words, with the answers that were the matter of truth that God gives to us to live by. That’s what he did, powerfully so. Sometimes we’re attacked and God allows some broadcasting, as we heard even in the earlier sermon.”

“Yes, I deeply believe that this was a matter of Satan’s attempt to stir up doubt, turmoil, uncertainty, weakness and anything else he could do to distract, to discourage, to torment, and so forth.”

A couple of paragraphs later it was stated: “And so Jesus Christ is far, far greater than Satan. There is no comparison in there whatsoever! …He easily outwits and uses Satan’s own devices against him to strengthen His own Body. It’s a powerful thing. Satan thinks he gets at God; he causes a disruption, a bump in the road. Never!”

Then there is this final quote to be given from that sermon:

“And so that thought that came in – what a bunch of bull! That’s what I call it, a bunch of bull! 3 ½ more years? …That leads up to November of 2015? Well, that doesn’t take much brilliance to figure out a great truth that I am so deeply convicted of in the 50th Truth; Jesus Christ returns on a Pentecost.”

So that paragraph just quoted was my answer that was based on the 50th Truth as a response to those thoughts at that time, which was a “correct response” (based on truth) to any thought concerning the possibility that Christ would return in November of 2015. This then helped us to focus more zealously on fulfilling a “great witness” that had to be established by what we were to “live,” up until May 27th, 2012.

However, God was indeed beginning to give to us and to prepare us for more truth that was to be revealed in His time, which is what this very post has covered. We will now move forward with our greatest focus (vision) yet.

In concluding, there is one more thing to tell you. A couple of weeks ago, late into the night once more, I was awakened with clear thoughts concerning much of the content of this post. In addition, it was conveyed to me that a third book is to be written, and even a title was given to me. This was just as clear and in the same manner as other names and titles that have been given to me over the years. These include: “News Watch” (for the scattered Church of God), “Time Is Running Out,” “Time Has Run Out,” Church of God – PKG, The Prophesied End-Time, and 2008 – God’s Final Witness.

[Pt. 14 on the series of “True Fellowship” will resume in a couple of weeks.]