Ronald Weinland

God’s Work

As an introduction to this post, I am going to share with everyone that I am currently, deeply involved in some studies, future planning, and sermon preparations that God is giving to me in a very unique manner and timing. When considering where we are in time, all of this that is happening is tremendously exciting to me. It is something that I look forward to sharing more fully at some point in the near future; however, that will not happen until we are closer to the end of this special Year of Dedication.

Due to this focus that I have, the posts will likely be spread out a little more than in the past – perhaps once every three to five weeks, rather than about every two to three weeks as I’ve tried to do in the past. In addition, they will be shorter and a little more to the point, as the last one was, and as this one is now.

We are closing in on the end of this 6th prophetic period of 1,260 days since the Apostasy and getting ready to plunge into the last one, the 7th one that leads to Christ’s coming. With that focus, it is always important to remember that this is God’s Work – we are God’s work. As we move into the end of this special time of dedication, I find it quite awesome that God is leading me in the manner that He is, at the pace that He is, and with the kind of focus that He is.

Something that I would like to share with you now is to say that if I had not had the heart attack, I would not have had the opportunity to do what I am doing now. So as strange as it may sound, I am so “charged up” over what I have been given to do that I really am thankful for having had it.

Current Health
That brings me to giving you a bit of a health update, as I have been getting quite a few requests from people for more information. There isn’t a lot to tell because things around here happen very slowly. I have been seen by a government cardiologist, which probably has its own significance, but from what I understand, he has requested for me to have a stress test. Some have told me that I shouldn’t take it, but I am. God will take care of all that needs to be taken care of in this matter. I am very attuned to my physical strength and weakness at this time and will not do anything in that test beyond what I feel very comfortable doing.

Actually, I am doing very, very well. I am able to walk a fair distance each day without feeling any stress whatsoever.

The stress test probably will not take place for another month at least. From what I understand, it is to help determine if my heart is back up to a level of strength to perform the procedure to insert the other two stents. So after the stress test, with the way things operate here it would likely be an additional month or two before the actual procedure would be done. That would be fine with me so that I can continue doing what I am at this time. Because of what I have experienced, I am doing no physical work on any job until the two arteries have been repaired.

It is very obvious that God gave me a great deal of physical strength when working here all the way up to the time of the attack, even when three of my arteries had near complete blockage. Actually, two were completely blocked for a time. In all of this I was given good strength to do the work that I did.

It was a small thing for God to do for me then and it is a small thing for Him to give me strength now. He did it before and He is now. He could have stopped what I went through, but that would not have produced the amazing results that are now taking place. Again, I will be able to share all this at a later time – at a time of God’s choosing. This IS God’s work.

That brings up an interesting point at this time. It is about everything that happens in our lives. If we grasp that we are indeed God’s begotten children and that our lives are fully in the hands of the Great Creator God, then everything that God allows to happen to us in our lives and in the Church is for a greater purpose that will follow. He could intervene and stop every hardship, every trial, every physical ailment, and everything that we would consider bad. If he doesn’t stop those things, then do we have the kind of belief and faith that this is, and that we are, His work?

When Laura was in Minnesota recently, I mentioned to a Church group by phone about how I could have died or I could yet die and that would change nothing concerning God’s plan being fulfilled and this being God’s Church. This is God’s work! I understand how some might feel about such an outcome, believing it would not be possible because I am God’s apostle, prophet, and also one of the two witnesses. One might ask, “How could you die and prophecy still be fulfilled?”

Before that is answered, and just so that everyone can rest assured, I want to make it perfectly clear that I don’t believe such a thing will happen. I believe God is going to work with me to finish this work in this end-time, but this brings up truth that we need to know.

It concerns a matter about prophecy, as well as confidence and belief in our being God’s begotten children, with whom He is currently working with in His remnant Church. Let’s use the scenario I have just mentioned concerning that if I were to die nothing changes, and that this is God’s work.

How could prophecy that we believe about the two witnesses be true if such a thing were to happen? That is exactly what I am talking about; this is God’s work. We cannot limit God. Yet that is often what we tend to do.

The truth is that God has “many ways” to fulfill prophecy. Much of it is written in a very unique way for that very purpose.

Prophecy is not simply open and shut. Prophecy and its fulfillment is not a matter of figuring something out on our own through study, number crunching, or speculation. God reveals all of this through His prophets. When it is time – God’s time – He may inspire something prophetic to be stated, or for something to be revealed from prophecy, or to reveal a specific fulfillment that applies to something that has already happened, and which fits a specific prophetic event. In all of this, it is revealed in one primary way. It is through a prophet of God and in no other way.

Prophecy is revealed AS it comes time for God to “reveal” some specific and timely matter – according to His timing – of something that He has written long ago. He has a plan, but He has a vast number of ways in which He can fulfill much of prophecy that was written long, long ago.

You cannot limit God. There is not just one way to fulfill much of prophecy. If I had died and God had some purpose for why He wanted to alter part of the course of things currently being fulfilled, there are many ways He could do so and still fulfill His prophetic writing. God could have some reason for training someone else for a purpose that was not needed before, but because of changes in the world or with people not even called yet, there may have been a need for someone else to fulfill what I otherwise would have.

The point being, some things are not decided by God until it is time to accomplish them in his overall plan. This is due to the fact that some things might change in the world, since God gave mankind free choice, and so God can fulfill things accordingly. As we go forward, there will be more given about this very thing, but for now we are being given an introduction so that we can at least begin to digest this a little in order to receive more at another time.

This is a building block type of process for learning. This also has to do with some new understanding about all that we have gone through over the past seven years. As one digests what is given here, it will be much easier to understand what is given later.

Consider how that prophecy about two witnesses could be fulfilled by two different pairs of people, or by one other substitute if God chose to do so, and it would change nothing concerning the fact that prophecy would still be fulfilled. The first phase of a “witness” beginning in 2008, in the 5th period of 1,260 days, was something that was fulfilled on a spiritual plane.

The witness that will be fulfilled in the 7th period of 1,260 days will be a literal, physical phase of fulfillment for two witnesses. Both prophetically allow for different people to do each and still fulfill what is written. A previous post has covered that there are many ways that prophecy has been fulfilled. That which comes to mind here is a matter of a spiritual type and a physical type. There are different “types” in prophecy and most of those can be fulfilled through different servants of God.

That is why we must always be patient when something isn’t fulfilled in the exact manner we believe that it should be. This is God’s work, and if we are His people, then we should understand that He will reveal to us what we must know. It has always been that way, and we are His people.

This is just to illustrate that much prophecy is not “open and shut” as we so often tend to think and act. Yet some prophecy is fulfilled in a very specific and exact manner.

The way in which some things can be fulfilled may not be known and revealed until a specific moment in time when God then determines to fulfill it. This is another reason why we need to be so careful, especially as we go forward, because we must be at-one more than we have ever been. We must all speak the same thing.

A Caution
As it has been stated in the past to the ministry (and is wise for all to follow) if something is written or spoken and then placed on one of our websites, then we should be cautious and careful not to go beyond that present truth. Otherwise, we can easily find ourselves in opposition to God. God works in a very specific way within His Church. It is a matter of His spirit and that of His Son working in a manner that we have witnessed in a strong way for a long time now. God has revealed much truth and much new truth to His Church. If we believe this is God’s Church and this is God’s work, then we will strive to be at-one with what God has given.

A final example that I am going to mention that helps illuminate this point about prophecy and all speaking the same thing is something that comes up from time to time that people tend to speculate about. There are many such subjects that tend to lend themselves to that (speculation), but one that is timely and now being given is the matter of speculation of who is the “king of the north” and who is the “king of the south.”

Why should anyone let such a small matter turn into something of greater importance than it is? Let’s look at this in the manner that reflects what has just been covered.

Where is it mentioned in any sermons, posts, books, or other written material who those kings are in this end-time? If it is not mentioned, then are we in unity if we speculate about it? Is such a thing edifying, productive, or even true? If not, then why address it? Does it create greater unity to engage in such a thing? Or does it simply stroke vanity and pride? Does it stir up a false sense of “being spiritual?” Such things can truly be very harmful spiritually.

The reason this is mentioned is because this and other things like it do tend to come up from time to time. This should raise a flag of caution, especially in this special year we are observing.

There is great reason why I have never addressed this prophecy. Does it take away from my function as a prophet? No.

It is simply a matter that I cannot, nor will I, give something unless I believe firmly that it has come from God. Several years ago, I mentioned to some that I had wondered why God hadn’t revealed anything about this to me since it concerns this end-time. God has not led me to see exactly what is being covered here about prophecy. There may be some “types” with this in lesser situations in the world, but the specific fulfillment for what is written in Daniel has never been given, so I can’t give it.

It may be that God is just beginning to give a bit of a glimpse into this, as I recognize patterns in how God works with me and has throughout so much of the past. If this is indeed what is happening, there may still be a passing of time before it is fully revealed. Nevertheless, if it is one of those patterns, which will become clear before long, then its fulfillment will be nothing like any speculation that one might think.

There are some good lessons in all of this that has been covered. Ask God for help to see them all, and then for help to learn what needs to be understood from them.