Ronald Weinland


As always, the Feast of Tabernacles seems to go by so quickly, and then everyone is thrust right back into the world. This is a follow-up to the final message that I gave on the Last Great Day.

Most have now returned from the Feast and are back into their normal routines of life. Those who were able to attend a Feast site had a brief break from this world and a taste of the Millennium that is now very rapidly approaching. Often, after experiencing the Feast, there can be a real let down. In one way, some of that let down should be a healthy part of one’s experience since it magnifies the contrast between the way of this sick world and the Millennium we long to see established.

However, that let down should be an experience that passes quickly as we then recognize the need to once again become sharply focused on all that is yet before us. As everyone is returning to their routines, let’s all strive to make this year one of sharp spiritual focus.

We only have a little less than a month remaining of this Year of Dedication. Our focus needs to first be on finishing this year with zeal. Strive to put more into your spiritual relationship with God as you work to become even more dedicated to serving Him faithfully and zealously all the way up to Christ’s coming. We do not know all that fully lies ahead for us, but we need to be strong and courageous as we press forward to finish the work God has given us to do.

At the end of his sermon, “Give Thanks and Rejoice,” Jeremy made a reference to this special Year of Dedication. He had just gone through the story of Solomon and the dedication of the temple. I’m going to quote what he stated:

“So, this year we have been going through our own dedication as well, a final part of the measuring of the temple. We are doing something similar to what happened back then (the physical dedication of the temple), however, it’s even more important. Let’s look at a section from the post from after last year’s Feast, entitled, ‘A Year of Dedication.’”

He then quoted from a paragraph in that post, and here is that quote:

“In reviewing what God has revealed, the last year for the measuring of the temple is to be a ‘Year of Dedication’ for God’s Church. It will be a year of preparation (PKG) for the great work that yet lies ahead and the actual coming of Jesus Christ in his Kingdom. We will be working to more fully dedicate God’s house—the temple of God—our lives with God and Christ dwelling in us—through prayer as we actively seek and apply ourselves (in work) to fully offer up sacrifices (of self) on the altar before God. Much of what this will actually involve in the lives of God’s people will be covered more thoroughly in the series that follows.”

That which Jeremy was focusing upon and the quote that followed say so very much. As I just mentioned, we have a little less than a month remaining in this very special year. Make it the most zealous month of them all, as you focus on dedicating yourself even more so to God, and then once this month is over, don’t just quit applying yourself, but be determined to continue utilizing many of the tools you have been developing as part of your routine. Seek to continue to draw closer to God as you work to offer up even more of self in sacrifice upon the altar before God. Why stop seeking to more fully dedicate our lives once this year has come to a close? Instead, this is the time to really press forward.

On another note, we are already planning for next year’s Feast, and I believe we will have one. You can be praying about the preparations and planning that need to go into it. We do not know all that lies ahead of us in the sense of “when” major catastrophic end-time events are going to begin. It appears we may well have some time—perhaps at least a year—before some of the really bad things begin that would otherwise prevent us from gathering together at a site. Although we may begin to experience some very difficult things around us, I believe God is showing us that we may well have the ability to still come together for at least one more year and possibly two. That is the focus we need to have for this next year. At some point, we will not have such freedom and we cannot begin to imagine what that fully means.

The new book is timely in all of this as well. It will not likely be ready for publication until I am back home, so I am expecting it to be early in the year. If it does come out at this time, it will be a great benefit to the Church and it will be a great spiritual boost at a time that can be a little more difficult. This is due to the long stretch of time from the Feast period to the Passover observances.

So please be praying about the progress of the book, which includes the editing and final refining of it, as well as the work involved in translating it into the other eight languages. Those involved in all of this truly have need of your prayers. You should find what is written in it to be exceedingly exciting and a boost to enhance our spiritual focus and purpose that yet remains in front of us. The book has an important title that is itself scriptural and very prophetic: Prophesy Against the Nations.

Once I am back home, there will be sermons that will be given that help magnify and explain more thoroughly to the Church what has been written concerning what God has revealed in it. One especially important focus will be on the revelation that there is potential for many prophetic events to change, and this primarily involves the last three trumpets.

In addition, I also want to mention that there will be three posts that I’ve written that will be posted after this one. They are not long, and each week we will post a new one. These are personal bios and will replace the two that are currently posted on two sites which currently are exactly the same. The Church site has not contained a bio, but we are now going to add one to it. The first post we are sending out is a rewrite of the one that had recently been placed on the book website.

The reason we are posting these is because each one is different from the other, as each is geared to the site where it will be placed. We want you to be aware of the change and think that you will find them informative, especially when considering what is soon going to begin happening in this world and the work we will be doing within this upcoming 7th prophetic end-time period of 1,260 days before Christ returns.