Ronald Weinland

Are You Prepared for Christ’s Coming?

The previous post was entitled, “Is Christ About to Return?” The question was then asked, “Could it be in less than a year?” Now, six months later, we only have two to three months remaining before we will know for a certainty whether or not Christ will return in 2019.

Indeed, if final catastrophic end-time events do not begin to be manifest for all to see in the next few months, then the next possible date for Christ’s return would be on Pentecost, May 31st, 2020. As God is specific and precise concerning timing for when events can become fulfilled prophetically, if things in this world continue as they are beyond that date in 2020, then the next possible time for the Messiah’s return will be several years beyond that.

Over the past few years, the Church of God – PKG has practiced being the role of a watchman to warn people of those dates whereby God could choose to send His Son back to this world to reign over it. God has revealed those periods of time that we are to watch and prepare ourselves. That preparation for the Church is one that is spiritual. Yet it is for the Church and all others to also prepare themselves physically and mentally as well, since Christ’s return is preceded by WWIII and great catastrophic events.

As God has revealed the timing for those dates that Christ can return, the Church has focused on each date as a reality and we have prepared ourselves accordingly. If we did not do so, then we would not be prepared spiritually, physically, or mentally as we should be when these events do actually take place. The Church of God – PKG has focused on such potential dates in both 2012 and 2013. The date before us now, for which we are preparing, is June 9th of 2019. Therefore, we have been warning people accordingly so that we and others can be prepared.

We also understand that we will know several months before that date whether or not Christ will actually return in 2019 or not. That is because specific events must unfold first. Before WWIII and major catastrophic events can begin, God’s people understand that there must first be a global economic collapse. It is that collapse that thrusts the world into final end-time events.

What Can We See Right Now?
We know that from today there are only two to three months left before such an economic collapse can occur if indeed Christ is to return in 2019. It is this colossal collapse that is the catalyst for the outbreak of a third world war. Having said that, it also needs to be understood that even if there is such an economic collapse in the next couple of months that this does not yet mean Christ will return in 2019.

There is not a specific time given that reveals how long it is between that collapse to the beginning of WWIII. Even if such a collapse does occur in the next couple of months, Christ could also return in 2020. But we are warning everyone to prepare for 2019. That should be our focus now!

We can only know if WWIII will occur shortly after such an economic collapse only once it begins. Sadly, most people will still not begin to listen to this warning until after that final war does begin. For them, a complete global economic collapse will not be enough.

So if we look to see where we are right now in the process of end-time events unfolding, the first thing we should focus upon is about the stability of the world economy. Things have shifted so dramatically over the past month that it should send out great alarms, intensified warnings, and even sober and chilling concerns that it is indeed looking more and more like 2019 can be the long-awaited year in which God’s Messiah can come.

This precursor of a great economic collapse that must first occur before final end-time catastrophic events will commence was first being warned about by the Church of God – PKG in the period leading up to and including 2008. The world came to the edge of the cliff at that time, but it was not yet God’s time for final events to become fulfilled. The reasons for why that was not yet the time is more thoroughly addressed in the latest book, Prophesy Against the Nations.

It Is Déjà Vu of 2008
More and more economists are ringing the alarm of 2008 as they make striking comparisons of what is happening now to what was happening then. The “fix” for 2008 is now beginning to crack and at some point, it will definitely collapse. It is as though economists cannot help but refer back to 2008.

Now at a time when things are supposed to be “merry,” many people are beginning to become disappointed, discouraged, frustrated, despondent and unhappy. This could indeed be the last Christmas for the world economy.

Just in the last week, there are headlines that reflect great concerns about an economy that had been looked upon as being so great. There is one headline that states there are numerous red flags that warn us that we’re speeding toward an economic collapse right now. Then there is this one: “The Bond Market Has Frozen: For the First Month Since 2008, Not A Single Junk Bond Prices.” Another proclaims, “Wall Street Turns Apocalyptic: We Just Had the Biggest Ever Rotation Into Bonds,” and two days later the same author uses this headline, “The S&P Now Looks Just Like The 2008 Crash.”

A few days ago, a syndicated economic watchdog gave evidence for this being the worst December for stocks since the Great Depression. Business Insider just reported that a jarring new survey shows CEO’s think a recession could strike as soon as year-end.

With trade wars already underway, the effect has been one of world markets turning sharply downward and nations leading this include countries with huge economies like China and Europe. Two Bank of America heads have been giving dire economic warnings. David Woo, who is head of the bank’s global interest rates and currency, economic margins, fixed income and econ research, told Bloomberg TV that he is “the most worried about volatility in global markets – particularly in the developing world – since the 2008 financial crisis.”

So what is happening? Are most people becoming highly alarmed at this point? Are they beginning to panic? NO! People are largely asleep. They grumble about their retirement accounts or other investments in the stock market, but it is simply “déjà vu” for them, because they have been duped into believing that “yes, it IS good,” and that all you have to do is simply hang in there and not panic by removing your funds. Instead, just let them ride because it will once again rebound as it always has. But this time they will be wrong! At some point the world economy is going to collapse. There will be no rebounding, because when a full-scale global collapse does occur, WWIII will be on its heels. That is because certain nations will conclude there is no other “reset” or “fix” left at their disposal in order to correct such a collapse.

Are you preparing yourself or just waiting around to see what happens next? Sadly, history will repeat itself as it has happened so often in the past. Human nature is so very predictable. People will choose to bury their head in the sand and try to think optimistically about their future. It is so pathetic to know that only after a massive thermonuclear war begins will many begin to awaken out of a sluggish and lethargic sleep that they are in.

If you are wise, you will go back to read the last post and consider deeply what it says. Once finished with that, if you have not done so, it would also be very beneficial for you to read Prophesy Against the Nations.