Ronald Weinland


Chapter 1

Throughout the centuries, wars have come and gone. But over the past century, war has become increasingly devastating due to the rapid development of technology. Toward the end of WWII, the world was sobered when the first two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. It only took two of these new bombs to kill nearly 200,000 people. …

Preparing for WWIII

Before WWII began, there were very few who acknowledged the signs of a coming world war. Most would not even entertain such a possibility. Much of the same is true once again, but now it is a little different. Within the past couple of years, the rhetoric of a third world war—one that is nuclear—is increasing. But still, …

Are You Prepared for Christ’s Coming?

The previous post was entitled, “Is Christ About to Return?” The question was then asked, “Could it be in less than a year?” Now, six months later, we only have two to three months remaining before we will know for a certainty whether or not Christ will return in 2019. …


Is Christ About to Return?

Prophesy Against the Nations: A Final Commission

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