Ronald Weinland


Chapter 7 – A New Era For Mankind

This book has been focusing upon events that concern a countdown to WWIII and the second coming of Christ. The last chapter explained when and how that countdown began. It also described how mankind is about to enter a great transition in time into a new era. God is about to lead mankind into a heightened and …

Chapter 6 – Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

When did the countdown to WWIII begin? Understanding the true meaning of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is what actually answers that …

Chapter 5 – The Seven Trumpets of Revelation

Ever since God first placed mankind upon this earth, He has been sending various people into the world who would faithfully live by and tell His ways and truths to others. This included apostles and prophets who were given additional truth and understanding they were to declare. This has been continuing for right at 6,000 …


Chapter 4 – The Rise and Fall of the EU

Chapter 3 – WWIII was Foretold by God

Chapter 2 – Truth and Scriptural Proof

Chapter 1 – The War That Ends All War

Preparing for WWIII

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