Ronald Weinland


Chapter 9 – The Prophetic Countdown Completed

As the author of this book, this is the most challenging of anything I have ever written. Before looking into the countdown that is leading up to when Christ returns, I feel compelled to first explain why writing this book has been so difficult, as it bears greatly upon what this chapter …

Chapter 8 – God’s Holy Days Reveal What Is True

On Passover night of the day Christ would be put to death, he said to his Father in one of his prayers, “Your word is truth.” God is the source of all that is true, and this book has set out to illuminate truths that He has revealed through His …

Chapter 7 – A New Era For Mankind

This book has been focusing upon events that concern a countdown to WWIII and the second coming of Christ. The last chapter explained when and how that countdown began. It also described how mankind is about to enter a great transition in time into a new era. God is about to lead mankind into a heightened and …


Chapter 6 – Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Chapter 5 – The Seven Trumpets of Revelation

Chapter 4 – The Rise and Fall of the EU

Chapter 3 – WWIII was Foretold by God

Chapter 2 – Truth and Scriptural Proof

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