Ronald Weinland


Chapter 5 – The Seven Trumpets of Revelation

Ever since God first placed mankind upon this earth, He has been sending various people into the world who would faithfully live by and tell His ways and truths to others. This included apostles and prophets who were given additional truth and understanding they were to declare. This has been continuing for right at 6,000 …

Chapter 4 – The Rise and Fall of the EU

As it was stated in the last chapter, the seventh and last prophesied revival of the European empire began to form in the 1950s and is now nearing its completion. Sadly, the world is totally blind to all this and it does not see literal end-time events that are now taking place right before our eyes, which have been prophesied …

Chapter 3 – WWIII was Foretold by God

This is truly a very scary story, especially because it is about our time right now. It is the kind of cataclysmic destruction and magnitude this war will have that is truly terrifying. God clearly states that there has never been a time like this in all human history, and thankfully, there never will be …


Chapter 2 – Truth and Scriptural Proof

Chapter 1 – The War That Ends All War

Preparing for WWIII

Are You Prepared for Christ’s Coming?

Is Christ About to Return?

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