Ronald Weinland

The Execution of Judgment

This Sabbath (April 2nd) ends a very unique time in all history. It is the end of four cycles of “half-a-time” in the period of “time, times and half-a-time” described in Daniel 12. There are only three more periods of “half-a-time” remaining before Jesus Christ returns as King of kings over all government on earth.

Over the centuries, many have tried to comprehend the prophecies given by God concerning the meaning and fulfillment of “time, times, and half-a-time.” But as God told Daniel, the revelation of those things that were given to him to write were not to be revealed at any period except that of the very end-time, when God would “finish” [Heb. – “bring to an end”] the time given to mankind to rule himself and then establish His Kingdom on earth.

As God has revealed to His Church at this end-time, the period of “time, times and half-a-time” is about God’s end-time judgment upon mankind, in which God will bring an end to man’s self-rule. In the midst of this period of time, God is magnifying Himself and His love toward His creation—toward mankind. However, mankind is not aware of what God has been doing, but will now begin to be made aware—IF they will listen!

Judgment and God’s Mercy
In time, some soon and some much later, people will learn of God’s mercy and of His execution of judgment in this end-time. The period of “time, times and half-a-time” is powerfully prophetic and it reveals much about God’s end-time judgment. This expression is not given in order of occurrence, but is given in more of a poetic fashion as with much of what is written in the Psalms. Such things cannot be understood until God chooses to reveal them and He reveals such things through His prophets.

God’s Church has been given to understand that this period of time is divided into seven specific periods of “half-a-time.” Again, all these periods are about God’s judgment. We have just completed the first four periods of “half-a-time” which is equivalent to the expression of “times” (prophetically, “times” is two periods of a “time”). This is incredibly revealing about God’s great love and patience expressed toward mankind. This period reveals the length of patience and mercy that God has placed in His end-time judgment for mankind.

God has shown that He would far rather extend His love in mercy than have to execute His righteous judgment. He has given twice the amount of “time” (2 x “time” = “times”) for mercy (which has been ignored) than He has allotted for a specific “time” in the execution of His judgment, which we are entering next. A period of “times” (God’s mercy in judgment) has passed today and tomorrow we enter the next “time” in “time, times and half-a-time.”

The actual “order” for the sequence of judgment is “times,” then a “time,” followed at the end by “half-a-time.” Poetically in Hebrew it is given as “time, times and half-a-time,” but in actual sequence of revelation it is “times, time, and half-a-time.”

God extends mercy so that people will respond to His love and repent of their ways, but people are oblivious to God’s presence on earth. His presence is manifested in and through His Church and His prophets.

Mankind has always ignored God and refused to listen to His prophets. The greatest prophet of all time was God’s own Son, Jesus Christ, and the world refused to listen to him. So why would they listen to me, God’s prophet at this end-time, who has warned the world through the inspired writing of a final warning to mankind: 2008 – God’s Final Witness?

God has shown great mercy in His judgment, but mankind has always taken advantage and liberty of His mercy. Since the true witness of mankind is that he chooses to ignore, mock, and refuse God’s word and warnings, God is now going to execute His end-time judgment upon this world.

A “Time” of Judgment
Tomorrow is the beginning of a new period of time for this end-time. It is a “time” of 40 weeks in the “complete judgment” to be executed upon the scattered nations of Israel and upon the Israel of God (the Church) that was scattered. The whole world will suffer during this period, but the focus is upon both physical and spiritual Israel.

In the past, I have not had the need to write much in the postings on this site. That will all begin to change as we are entering a new stage in time. The Thunders will increase in far greater magnitude and frequency and the first few Trumpets will sound with great devastation to follow.

Events that have been held back for two years have already begun to intensify in the form of the escalation of the Thunders. People quickly forget when devastation strikes. How many remember the wave of dying birds and fish that struck regions around the world at the beginning of the year? How many remember the massive flooding in various parts of the world, especially in the Queensland region of Australia after tropical downpours covered an area the size of France and Germany combined?

How long will it be before people begin to put out of their mind the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan? If it were not for the nuclear power plants in trouble, people wouldn’t even be talking about that region any longer. And you have probably already forgotten the massive earthquake that devastated Christchurch, New Zealand (unless you live in the region).

Look at the region of Northern Africa and the Middle East: Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and others. The region is engulfed in massive conflict, unrest, and instability. This too is part of great prophecy being fulfilled and Thunders becoming louder. People should be scared! People should fear what is happening, but instead they forget and choose not to think too much about it. After all, most of it doesn’t affect them directly, does it?

That is why such events must continue in magnitude and rapid succession, so that mankind will begin to fear and question, “Why are such things happening?” Only when people are brought face to face with death and massive destruction will some humble themselves before God and begin to seek His help and deliverance. Otherwise, people don’t seem to see the need for God’s help and deliverance in their lives.

We are entering a momentous time. After two years of mercy, the United States will now begin to answer for ignoring God’s warnings. Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the continent of Western Europe are going to begin to answer right alongside the U.S.

The Church that was scattered will also begin to answer for ignoring God and His prophet for this end-time, as judgment begins to be executed upon the scattered organizations where God’s people fled after the apostasy.

The times ahead are not going to be pleasant upon these scattered nations of Israel, nor upon the Church that was scattered. Their suffering is not my causing nor my fault, but the fault of every person who has refused to listen to God and repent.

All this will be followed by the final “half-a-time,” which is the great execution of judgment upon the remaining nations of the world.