Ronald Weinland

Time Has Run Out

It is Sabbath morning as I begin to write this post, and I am struck by how quickly time has passed since my last post exactly three months ago.

That post was entitled, “God’s Time.” Since God’s Church had been focused on May 27th to be the literal “day” of Christ’s return, that post stated: “…there was more to the meaning of this final day to which we had finally arrived. This literal day was the beginning of a final prophetic day.”

God’s Church believes that on May 27th God revealed we had entered the “day” of Christ’s return, but that it was a “prophetic day” which is a literal year in length, from God’s Holy Day of Pentecost of 2012 to Pentecost of 2013. We now have 35 weeks remaining before the coming of the King of kings to reign over all the nations of this world.

We are in the prophetic “Day of the Lord,” which is the transition of time where God will intervene in world affairs and prepare it for the return of His Son to establish His Government on this earth and bring an end to man’s self-rule that now has existed for 6,000 years. Mankind cannot successfully govern himself. No nation and no group of nations can deliver peace for this world.

The efforts made to insure peace for nations in the 20th century failed, first in the form of the League of Nations, and now the United Nations, which has proven man’s inability to deliver peace. The truth is that the United Nations has established the greatest witness of all time that mankind is fully incapable of leading the way to peace. Instead, it is has made a mockery of man’s noblest attempts to do so.

In the beginning of this 21st century, the evidence of all government efforts to work toward peace has only magnified the basic nature of mankind, which is selfishness. This base nature manifests itself in self-interests that prevents peace, and instead, strengthens divisions of people and nations.

Even within what is espoused to be the greatest democracy and insurer of freedoms as a nation, the United States is flooded with division and selfish motivations. Two political groups are now vying for power so that they can lead in what each believes is the best way to insure freedoms, economic stability, peace, etc. But they cannot accomplish such a thing because economic instability, political differences, special interests, and division itself is the result of the basic flaw and weakness of human nature: selfishness. This is one of the very reasons God gave mankind 6,000 years of self-rule. It is to give a powerful witness (true testimony) that selfish human nature is incapable of producing successful government, religion, justice or peace for mankind.

Human nature, being one of selfishness, produces prejudice; however, most people believe themselves to be above prejudice. Yet prejudice is at the heart and core of selfishness because human nature believes that it is right and others are wrong, hence prejudice that cannot readily be seen.

God’s Day
We now find ourselves in God’s Day that has only 35 more weeks to be completely fulfilled. All that the world has been warned would come, but would not listen, is now at hand. As God’s final witness given to mankind, the world is about to enter its final world war and it is coming as the product of a clash in the three major religions that have evolved from the descendants of Abraham.

These three religions do not mix! They do not produce peace. The world is about to witness that great truth. The divisions and differences are now being magnified and the core of true human nature is manifesting itself more clearly.

Several Islamic nations are now witnessing hatred erupting in their streets against the United States and other nations who basically comprise those of “traditional” Christianity. An even greater division and boiling point is emerging between the Jewish nation of Israel and several Islamic nations, of which Iran is the spearhead for inciting war and annihilation of the Jewish state.

Most of the western world is oblivious to the most basic truth concerning the primary motivations that propel the Iranian religious hierarchy and leading civil authorities to the development of nuclear weapons. They are not only highly motivated by a most basic religious belief, but they are even controlled by it.

This deeply motivating force comes from the absolute conviction of most Shiite Muslims that the world is entering a final era of judgment of end-time events that will bring them a savior—the 12th Imam—along with his army (Mahdi’s army) to end the suffering of his people as he administers ultimate judgment upon this world. These Iranian leaders carry this much farther for they believe it is their responsibility to prepare and be the tool that ushers in Mahdi’s coming.

World governments know full well what Iran is doing concerning their nuclear development, but they each play their “delicate” political games while ignoring the inevitable.

In this world—in this age of mankind—Israel is left with only one option, and as the current administration of the United States will not commit to Israel, they now know they are on their own. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly made it clear to the U.S. that “Time has run out!” This is far truer than any in this world can know.

Time has run out for Israel to wait longer, and time has run out for this world.

The Perfect Storm
This expression is gaining momentum in religious, economic, and government circles as the conditions in this world continue to worsen. What people do not understand is that there is nothing anyone can do to change the tide of what is now coming.

The entire balance of this world teeters on a precipice. Indeed it is the making of a “perfect storm,” as economic and governmental conditions are so precariously positioned throughout the world that when only one event dangerously shifts, all will be nudged into complete collapse.

Islam will no longer have to wait for a Mahdi. The United States has found no savior. Europe cannot be united. And Israel has run out of time! As a “perfect storm” continues to thunder and draw nearer to reality, a third world war will engulf this earth.

Thank God this is His “day!” Now, the “only” One Eternally Existing God will bring an end to man’s governments and man’s religions, as He commands the “Trumpets” to sound that bring about this final end and opens the way for the true Messiah of this world to come on Pentecost of 2013.