Ronald Weinland

War In The World

In September of 1969, I was baptized into God’s Church, and in 1981, I was ordained into the ministry of God’s Church. Through this period of time, I have witnessed much concerning great spiritual struggles in the lives of brethren and of the Church itself.

God’s people (individually) and God’s Church (of the collective body and of the structural organization) has been the object of constant spiritual attack through time. Satan loathes God, His Church, and His plan for the Kingdom of God.

We know and believe that we are now nearing the very last phase of this end-time. We believe we are about to witness man’s last war — World War III. Over the weekend, rhetoric out of North Korea and Iran has only intensified, and at some point there will be some incident in the world that triggers a rapid escalation of events that thrusts the world into nuclear war. It is a horrifying thought, but it is our reality.

In the news this past week there has been a lot of bantering back and forth as to whether North Korea has the ability to strike the United States with nuclear missiles. They have mostly dismissed and ridiculed such a possibility. Yet another source has just brought to light that North Korea does have the ability to put a satellite into orbit (as it did in December) that passes over the South Pole at a 300-mile altitude, which could easily carry a nuclear device. This report states that if a single device exploded over Omaha, Nebraska, it could generate a powerful electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, that would be able to collapse the United States electric grid and other critical infrastructures. South Korea has warned the U.S that North Korea has been working on a super-EMP warhead with Russian help. China’s military claims North Korea has such warheads and data from North Korea’s nuclear tests are stated as being consistent with super-EMP warheads. It has been confirmed that if such a device exploded over Omaha it would be sufficient to create an EMP from coast to coast in the U.S. A former ambassador and director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization said that if such a device exploded over Omaha it would blanket the entire continental U.S. with EMP effects with consequences that would soon lead to the death of millions of Americans and the end of our way of life.

We live in a precarious time, when at any moment, the first nuclear device will explode and lead to many more. Though the world is about to plunge into WW III, the Church has been experiencing world war for some time now. At the time of the apostasy, the First Seal of Revelation was unsealed and then a great spiritual war engulfed God’s Church on a worldwide scale. As I mentioned at the beginning about my time in the Church and the ministry and of witnessing great spiritual battles, what God’s Church is experiencing now is by far the most powerful and continuing attack I’ve ever seen throughout all my time in God’s Church.

Some may wonder how, in this present time, there could be the greatest spiritual attacks, when in 1994 there were over 60,000 casualties that quickly resulted from the apostasy, and there were over 30,000 who were scattered as they struggled to remain alive. During that time, there was great spiritual power, signs, and lying wonders that worked to devastate God’s Church. But the reality was that the entire Church was so spiritually weak, lukewarm, and filled with pride that God would not accept her any longer in such a condition, so at the opening of the First Seal, He removed Himself from the Church — vomited it out.

When separated from God, with Him and His Son no longer “dwelling in” the church, it was prime picking for Satan and the demonic world, and so this separation was followed immediately by power (demonic spiritual power), signs, and lying wonders within the organization of the Worldwide Church of God.

So how is this time we are in now, a time of greater spiritual warfare and attack from that demonic world upon God’s Church? During the apostasy, the body of the Church was removed from God dwelling in it. The Church was without God’s spiritual strength, power, and protection in it. However, the Church today is not weak! Since 1969, I have never witnessed the Church being nearly as spiritually strong and unified as I now see it. Some few may feel otherwise, but that could only be the result of their short-time experience and/or spiritual weakness at this time. I know what I have witnessed, and that witness is from God, and it is true.

Over the past few months, in personal experience and upon hearing from so many brethren about their own experiences, there has not been a time in all my time in God’s Church when Satan and the demon’s attacks upon God’s Church have been so furious. This is simply a testimony to the time we are in and the reality that they know their time is nearly over.

Though these attacks are making many much stronger on one hand, they are never the less very wearisome and spiritually draining, which is dangerous. If the Church were not as strong as it is, it would have been devoured long before this, but God’s people are being resolute, persevering, and continuing at the battle that is before them, and not giving up. This is a battle to the completion, when God sends His Son in His Kingdom. There have been very few casualties, but there are still a few more who are weakened and will not survive if they do not turn things around in their spiritual lives and take heed and practice what has been written in recent posts and in letters to the ministry, for this includes a few in the ministry as well.

Urgent Fast
Since the spiritual battle has been going on for such a long duration of time and has been working to make people weary in battle, it is time to fight ever harder and press forward spiritually more than ever before. It is time for a church-wide fast in order for us to be strengthened with greater power from on high — power that Satan cannot battle. Satan and his demons can fight against the angelic realm and they can attack God’s people, but they cannot attack God and the power of His spirit in our life. That power — God’s spirit in us — is our power and might by which we are made strong against attacks and are able to move forward against that evil spirit realm unto the day that realm itself is placed into captivity.

It is with such knowledge of all this that I have often quoted a powerful scripture. “You are of God, little children, and have overcome (Gk. – conquered) them because greater is He (God Almighty and Jesus Christ) who is in you, than he (Satan and his demons) that is in the world” (1 Jn. 4:4).

As God’s Church, we are going to engage in battle, as God will pour out more strength and power upon us and in us. We will fast this weekend. For most, this Sabbath is the primary time set-aside for this fast; however, it is perfectly fine to fast on Sunday. It is your choice. If you do not receive this notice of a fast before this weekend, then participate in it as soon as you can once you receive the knowledge of it.

We are following the outline of Isaiah 58 in which we are to first cry out to God for forgiveness of our own personal sins and also ask for help to see sin in ourselves of which we are blind. Then when God helps us to see that which only He and His Son can see, we repent. Next, we are to follow this by praying (using this same outline) for God’s strength and power to fill us more fully in order to accomplish the spirit of battle of Isaiah 58 in diminishing the power of Satan (power to bind, deceive, and hold captive because of human sin).

We are small and our numbers are small, and an evil spirit world is about to be chained and imprisoned, but at present its numbers are large against us. God’s power in us makes them small and reduces their power and will bring them to nothing. This is a great war and we should be sobered by it and thereby be diligently on guard and fighting it, but our Petra is all-powerful and Almighty, against which nothing can stand. We keep moving forward.