Ronald Weinland

Post-Feast Focus

We have been blessed to be able to observe another Feast of Tabernacles in unity and peace in this end-time. We had believed that the previous two Feasts would be our last before Christ’s return. I’m certain that it is the hope and desire of each of you that this year’s Feast will prove to be the last in this age.

Over the past couple of years, God has blessed us with far greater understanding of the immense depth of true bondage in which this world is held captive. With deeper insight, we “see” this cruelty upon mankind far more clearly, and we therefore hurt more fully for this world that suffers in it. Over the past few years, that suffering has been growing more intense as an evil spirit world has increasingly become more agitated, as it knows its time is running out.

Indeed, we long for the beginning fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles at Christ’s coming and the end of this world’s suffering under Satan’s influence and rule. If we did not have such a deep yearning desire that this age end soon, something would be very wrong and spiritually amiss in our life.

God has truly blessed us mightily by stirring up such longing anticipation, expectation, and “want” within us, as it is so very good that we “do so want” His Kingdom to come. We see a world that is on the brink of collapse, but it seemingly continues to be propped up and kept from collapse. That is true! It is being allowed to continue untilthe very moment God says “no more.” God is in control of the perfect timing to bring about all the final events that are to occur before His Son returns on a Pentecost.

The Almighty God has given us a focus “from Pentecost to Pentecost.” We do not yet know what this remaining year holds in store for us or this world. We continue to move forward, seeking unity with God and with His Church. At some “moment” in time, the world around us will quickly change, and God has made us ready for that time. We are now ready for whatever lies ahead for whenever those changes begin to quickly bring this age to a close.

See God
After a Feast of Tabernacles, once people have returned to their home, job, and normal routine in life, there can be a strong let down. During the Feast, most people have had the opportunity to leave the world behind and to “taste” of the Millennium where there is unity and singleness of spirit in a unique setting of fellowship and spiritual feasting for eight days. After experiencing that and then being thrust back into this evil world, a strong let down can (and often does) occur. Be determined, before God, to fight against such a letdown that can drag you down spiritually as well. Instead, seek God’s help to be strong and of good courage to press forward and “finish” whatever work that is still before us.

Everyone should be sobered by how God has been sanctifying His Church over the past year and a half. Although it is a difficult process to go through and experience along the way, it does make the body stronger. Such powerful sanctification and cleansing coming so strongly from God should stir us up spiritually with great anticipation for what lies ahead. We truly need to “see God” more fully for what He is doing because it reveals much about an urgency in our “being made ready” and fully prepared for what now lies ahead.

In large part, we have now been made ready. This is not a time to feel any “letdown.” This is the time we should seek to have a more eager excitement for how, why, and the way God has led us to where we are now at this very time in His plan and purpose being worked out.

In my 44 years in God’s Church, there has been only one other time of sanctification and cleansing that is comparable to what we have experienced over the past year and a half. It is when God renewed strength in Herbert W. Armstrong after a fairly long period of physical weakness and illness. God brought Mr. Armstrong back with great strength, power, and a purpose-filled focus to set the Church “back on the right track” and to finish the work of the gospel going into all the world to the degree God had determined.

During the beginning of that period of time, as Mr. Armstrong was being renewed in strength, the State of California attempted to end Mr. Armstrong’s ministry as they tried to change the course of God’s Church. Through this process of God restoring Mr. Armstrong’s health and his focus for the Church, coupled with an assault to take over God’s Church, God worked to sanctify and cleanse the Church. This resulted in not only members, but also evangelists and other high-ranking ministers being removed from God’s Church. After all this had occurred, it was followed by the greatest work yet that God did in and through Herbert W. Armstrong and the Church in order to finish the commission (work) of Matthew 24:14.

God has prepared us for what is ahead, whatever that work entails, so that we can finish our commission to the degree He intends. We do not have all the answers to all the timing that is involved, but in His time, God will reveal it to His Church. Our task is to be patient, live in faith, hold fast to what God has given to this present time, and seek to be zealous and consistent in spirit.