Ronald Weinland


This will be the third Pentecost that God's Church will have observed since Pentecost of 2012, the date we had previously believed was Christ’s return. This will also be the last Pentecost in this current sixth cycle of 1260 days in the measuring of the Temple of God – the Church. In the fourth Pentecost from this one, in 2019, we believe that the “complete count” to the actual coming of Christ and the Firstfruits (the 144,000) of God will be fulfilled.

In considering these cycles of time, we have come a long way since that first one. That first cycle began with the Apostasy (December 17, 1994) and led up to the reestablishment of God’s true remnant Church on Pentecost of 1998 (exactly 1260 days later). The count to the coming of God’s Son to reign in His Kingdom, and over this earth, began on the exact day that He had predetermined long, long ago. Though we know these things, it is highly worthy, at this very time, that we review some matters regarding timing in order to come to more deeply grasp and appreciate their greater meaning and importance.

God’s Glory Being Revealed
Today, on a weekly Sabbath, as my family is continuing on with God’s work in the Church by meeting together with the brethren and the ministry in Europe, I read a sermon given by Johnny Harrell. In that sermon, he covers what Christ addresses in Matthew 12 regarding the only sign that would be given that he was the Messiah. It was that the son of man would be in the grave for precisely three days and three nights. That timing was precise and exactly as God predetermined, as with all His planning and His execution of those plans.

Such works of God glorify Him and His great majesty the more we come to see what He fulfills and the manner in which He does so. In this account concerning Christ’s death, the exact time he was in the grave was not the only precise timing fulfilled. A specific year was also chosen that then occurred (31 AD), as were the days of the week that everything should happen, even down to the very hour. All was meticulously planned and brought to pass. First, the time that Christ kept the last required observance for eating a Passover lamb with his disciples. Then, the time to institute a new Passover observance and the time needed to teach the disciples things in that one night that revealed God’s greater purpose for Christ becoming our Passover so that sin can be forgiven.

One of the most astounding things Christ taught and began to reveal on that night concerns a very great truth that has only been restored to God’s remnant Church in this end-time. It is the 35th Truth, which states: “We understand that Jesus Christ is ‘continuously coming’ in the flesh of those who are in the Church of God.” This truth that Christ taught on Passover night, which would result in one being able to be forgiven of sin through our Passover, reveals God’s great purpose of being able to dwell (abide, live, continue) in His Church – in His Temple.

Then there was more that followed in that same day on the 14th of Abib, with the betrayal and arrest of Jesus Christ, then a heinous trial that condemned him to death, and finally, the hideous beating he received. All these things had to progress in a timely manner. All had to happen exactly as it did and when it did, even the timing of when Christ was impaled on a pole, and when the spear pierced his side in order to spill out his blood upon the earth, and when the veil of the temple was torn in two. This all led to him finally being taken down from the pole, some preparation being made for his burial, and then him being placed into the tomb in the exact hour needed in order to fulfill all that was necessary for him to become our Passover and much more.

The time in which Christ had to die, to the time in which he was placed into the tomb, to the moment of his resurrection had to be exact. All these accounts had to be accomplished fitting into the correct time of the week and the hour for the wave-sheaf offering to be fulfilled by him as he ascended to God and was accepted by Him as the fulfillment of that wave-sheaf, the first of the firstfruits into God’s Family.

All these events surrounding the fulfillment of Passover by Jesus Christ, his resurrection, and then his fulfillment of the wave-sheaf offering required awesome planning and coordination. It also required powerful direct involvement and work by God that had to be accomplished in the lives and affairs of many people during that period. Not only that, but all this began long before Jesus Christ was ever born. The actual countdown of those events that were fulfilled by Jesus Christ began some 487 years earlier. That was the beginning of the prophetic “70 Weeks Prophecy” given in Daniel 9.

It would be good to be reminded of that beginning as well because the prophecy is highly specific concerning the exact timing that God would fulfill in order to accomplish it all. God moved Artaxerxes in 457 BC to issue the decree that began this first countdown to the coming of the Messiah. Artaxerxes issued the decree for the rebuilding of Jerusalem that took place through the time of Ezra and Nehemiah up to 408 BC. It would be good to consider the exactness of what God said:

“Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem [457 BC] until Messiah the Prince, there shall be seven weeks [7 weeks x 7 days that gives a prophetic 49 years that went to 408 BC] and sixty-two weeks [434 years that went up to 27 AD when Christ began his ministry]. The street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troubled times. And after sixty-two weeks Messiah shall be cut off [killed], but not for himself [for all others as the Passover of all mankind]… And he [Messiah] shall confirm with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease [he fulfilled the meaning of the sacrificial system through his death, and therefore caused the laws regarding their observance to cease]” (Dan. 9:25-27).

The ability to plan and then execute such plans in such a meticulous manner over such a broad period of time serve to reveal and magnify the awesome purpose, power, and incredible glory of God Almighty to perform it. It is as Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes:

“I know that whatsoever God does [works to accomplish, labors to perform], it shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, nor anything taken from it [whatever God predetermines, He fulfills exactly], and God does so that all should fear before Him [be in awe, to honor and reverence, and fear to do otherwise]. That which has been is now, and that which is to be has already been [God’s predetermined plan of things to be fulfilled, will be], and God requires that which is past [that which has long ago been planned, God pursues to fulfill]” (Eccl. 3:14-15).

The Last Countdown
We have just reviewed the first great countdown to Christ’s first coming, as a physical man, in order to fulfill the Passover and Wave-sheaf Offering. It is beyond full comprehension to grasp the awesomeness of us now being in the latter end of the second great countdown to his coming, and this time in Elohim, as King of kings. This end-time countdown has far more complexity, exact timing, and coordination of precise events than the first.

We are living in a period that is working to magnify and glorify God’s incredible greatness – more than any other single period in mankind’s history. Indeed, this is very much about the 7th Thunder growing in greater power and intensity the closer we draw to Pentecost of 2019.

Much of what we have gone over in this post and will yet touch upon lightly is a review of things we already know. However, this serves to put it all into a better perspective for what we are living – for what we are witnessing – that is working to glorify the great majesty of God. This last great countdown is very much what this is all about – more fully establishing the glory of Almighty God before mankind of His performance to usher in His government upon this earth.

The final countdown to Christ’s coming had a very clear and distinct beginning. It started at an exact moment in time and yet was planned thousands upon thousands of years in advance. So very long ago God Almighty predetermined that He would give one primary sign to His Church (not to the world) when that final countdown was to begin. This was to be the only defining sign that such had begun.

This is revealed in the very first truth that God established in His remnant Church, in the Church of God-PKG. It is the first truth established after the 18 that were restored to God’s Church through His previous apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong. It is the 22nd Truth, which states:

“There has been an apostasy that is unprecedented in the Church of God as prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3.”

It would also be good to quote a section of the 50th Truth regarding this chapter in 2 Thessalonians, which refers to the significance of this exact timing of a physical leader over the Church on earth who would betray Jesus Christ and cause this Apostasy.

“The revelation of this man would reveal to the Church that the end-time had now come and that the First Seal of Revelation had been opened. This man who would betray God’s government would be known as ‘the man of sin’ and ‘the son of perdition.’ As covered in the Church’s literature and in sermons, God revealed who this man was by a judgment of death that was contained in this revelation. That judgment was revealed through the number 40 (used as God’s judgment) times the seven-day week. It was exactly 280 days from the time of this man’s betrayal to the time he died. When Joe Tkach, Sr. gave a sermon denouncing the most basic laws of God, it was exactly 280 days later to the hour that he died. This timing was God’s revelation of who the son of perdition and this man of sin was.”

All that is recorded here is about one primary sign to the Church that the timing for Christ’s return had come. For nearly 1900 years, the Church waited until God revealed His timing for what He had inspired Paul to write.

“Now we beseech you, brethren, by [about] the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto [preparing ourselves for] him, that you do not become soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that day of Christ is at hand [that it has come]. Let no man deceive you by any means, for except [Christ’s coming will not occur before this] there come a falling away [Gk. – apostasy – a great departing from the truth] first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition” (2 Thes. 2:1-3).

A few who remain in God’s remnant Church experienced the immediate results of this moment in time that served to reveal the beginning of that countdown, which would lead up to the coming of the Messiah. This event began the process of the opening of the Seals of Revelation by Jesus Christ himself, as he and his Father began the process of intricate work that would lead up to the exact moment of his coming, which we believe will be on Pentecost of 2019.

It is becoming more and more evident that God has given an additional seven years to bring to pass those things written in 2008 – God’s Final Witness. Though we still do not know when the effects of the 2nd Trumpet are to commence, we see by the events of this world that the effects of all the Trumpets are very rapidly approaching, just as an approaching WW III is becoming more evident.

God has been revealing some of the most profound and intricate work contained in the time of the Apostasy to Christ’s literal coming, which shows the magnitude and power of His greatness to bring to pass all that He predetermined so very long ago.
It makes the word “awesome” seem so very puny and small because what God is doing goes so very far beyond such a weak description that words cannot convey it.

We have been given a great deal already concerning the unfathomable scale for the mathematical probabilities of so many events and timing to occur as they have been since the 17th of December in 1994 (the day of the Apostasy) to Pentecost of 2019 that it truly staggers the mind to try to grasp it all. As an exercise of your own, it would be good that you review some of these events and their timing that has been covered in previous posts. This time, try to look upon such events in the context of what was covered in the first part of this post concerning the events and their precise timing surrounding Christ’s first coming that God orchestrated. This should be done in the context of seeking to recognize God’s active work, and now also that of Christ’s, with such precision to fulfill all the events throughout this complete period that in reality amounts to bringing to fulfillment all that is contained in the Seven Seals of Revelation.

There are two matters that I would like to address which need to be added to the end of this post so that all readers might be better informed, rather than simply sending it to the Church separately.

Third Book
Some time ago, I commented on the potential of writing a third book. Since there are quite a few who make mention of this in anticipation of it being published, this will serve as an update.

It now seems that such a book is not intended for this age, especially since it became clear to me that much of the content was to come from posts I have written while being here in prison. It now seems more likely that such a publication could well be a compilation of such written information that would be more beneficial to those in the Millennium.

Candidly, the book, 2008 – God’s Final Witness, will still be the primary publication needed by people over the next few years. This will be needed by many to help them understand what they are experiencing once great tribulation strikes this earth. In addition, they will also be able to place their hope in the “good news” of what will follow after the Pentecost of 2019. The only thing that will have changed is the timing that followed that publication – a period of seven additional years.

Impaled On A Pole
Another matter I would like to address concerns a phrase I have used over the past few years. I have used the phrase “impaled on a pole” when referring to what happened to Christ on Passover of 31 AD. Someone recently voiced their displeasure with the use of such an expression.

As a little background, a few years ago I became determined to get rid of the term “crucifixion,” since it is a false account that pictures Jesus Christ being nailed upon a cross. Since such a description is a perversion of the truth and the result of what the Catholic Church did to mingle pagan beliefs and practices with that of the story of Jesus Christ’s life, it is important that we do all we can to correct such misconceptions and lies.

Even Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance mistranslates the Greek work “stauroo” as “crucify,” and it states that this word means to “impale on a cross.” Although they have incorrectly given this definition to say that what took place was upon a cross, rather than a singular pole, they have correctly used the term “impale.”

The Church of God understands that he was nailed upon a straight pole through both hands together with a single nail (spike), just as his feet were nailed through with a single nail. His hands were not nailed through separately with his arms outstretched on a cross beam that was affixed to a pole.

When using the term “impaled on” or “to” a pole, God’s Church would fully understand that this is speaking in a context of the actual account where “nails” were used to impale Jesus Christ upon a pole. God’s people most certainly grasp that this would not be picturing a full body impalement on a pole. The word “impale” is a perfectly acceptable and proper term to be used in describing this account.

The dictionary definition of “impale” is to “pierce or transfix with a sharp instrument [in this case, nails]; to spike, run through, harpoon, stab, skewer, spear.” Some dictionaries also refer to the medieval use of this Latin origin in the practice of piercing with a sharpened stake thrust up through the body. However, the use of the term over the centuries began to take on a much broader meaning and usage.

Although it is doubtful that any new reader would be confused by the use of the expression of Jesus Christ being “impaled upon a pole,” leading them to incorrectly conclude that this was speaking of his body being pierced through in this manner, I will add the word “nailed” to my description of this event. In other words, this account will be referred to in context of Jesus Christ being “impaled (or pierced through) with nails on a pole.”