Ronald Weinland

Preparing for WWIII

Before WWII began, there were very few who acknowledged the signs of a coming world war. Most would not even entertain such a possibility. Much of the same is true once again, but now it is a little different. Within the past couple of years, the rhetoric of a third world war—one that is nuclear—is increasing. But still, most do not really want to consider such a possibility.

Increasingly so, the nations of the world are being drawn into confrontation, one that will inevitably become a world war. If you are truly watching, you will see this movement is consistently escalating. How prepared are you, both physically and mentally for such reality?

Before this past year, it was rare to find news that mentioned anything about concern of a third world war, let alone the potential for a nuclear war. That has changed! But most people do not see such news being reported, especially in the United States, as that news is more about personalities, people’s opinions, and feuding on the political front.

Even within nations, the escalation of opposing ideas and beliefs is turning into ideological warfare. Political warfare is at an all-time high. Such unrest is fomenting agitation and even violence, as well as generating greater division. When nations experience such growing divisions within themselves and turn that toward other nations as well, then all-out war is not far behind.

Now more than ever, nations are threatening one another. At the forefront are trade wars. These tend to move nations toward real war, and that is what is happening. Nations are escalating their threats toward one another. Tensions are so high that it will now take only one significant spark to start a domino effect that ignites the whole world in a cataclysmic end-time reality.

Some real hot spots include regions like those in the Middle East where tensions between Sunni and Shia nations are at an all-time high. The Shia led nation of Iran continues to push its followers to actively create havoc in Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, as well as in the Persian Gulf, and the Strait of Hormuz.

What is so pathetic in just this one example alone, is that most Americans don’t even know where these places are and what has been happening in the past few weeks in this region. That is especially true concerning the U.S. sending powerful battle ships into the Persian Gulf. Just one spark ignited between Iran and the U.S. could easily pull most of Europe, Russia, Israel, and China into a major all-out war that makes other previous fighting in the regions of Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq all seem extremely small in comparison.

Even upon hearing of such news, the response of most is well captured in the attitude of “c’est la vie” (se la vie), which is an English term borrowed from the French, meaning “oh well, such is life.” It seems as though people are uncaringly resigned to accepting such things without concern. Sadly, it will soon become of great concern once the last world war erupts.

Another hot spot involves India and Pakistan. They have been exchanging dire threats toward one another with innuendo that includes the suggestion of the kind of destruction that could come from the use of nuclear devices, of which both countries have an over abundance.

China and Russia have been flaunting their latest military achievements in weaponry and the kind of destruction they could bring upon any country they might confront. Vladimir Putin has used terse and caustic language to describe the kind of massive destructive nuclear power that Russia possesses.

President Xi Jinping recently made a threat toward Taiwan of China taking it back with military force. And just this week, Japan has flexed its rhetoric against China, stating its support for security to the Philippines. But the area of the South China Sea is the most volatile as many nations are pressing against China’s claim of territorial sovereignty over the region. But again, who cares or let alone even knows of such tensions that could ignite into a third world war.

A UN security expert stated this past week that the risk of nuclear weapons being used is at its highest since World War II and called this an “urgent” issue that the world should take more seriously. Indeed, the world is closing in on a third world war—a cataclysmic nuclear war. But most in the world are asleep and unconcerned about such a reality.

Warning, Watching, and Being Prepared
Whether the world sees it or not, nations are preparing for war. Therefore, you would be wise to be prepared for that war as much as you possibly can. For those who are caught off guard to such an event in the world, there will be horrifying shock, depressive disillusionment, inability to cope, and massive trauma, as well as death.

But for those who are heeding the warning and watching, one can be far better prepared physically, mentally, and hopefully spiritually. The ability to know what is happening and why is exceedingly important to one’s ability to press forward and endure because of the hope they embrace of God’s intervention.

This blog, including literature we have published on these matters, especially over the past fourteen years, has been for the very purpose of warning people. It is to help anyone who will listen become more fully prepared for these end-time events. It is also to encourage such individuals to better endure what is coming with the hope of what is just beyond that war.

This age was prophesied to come to pass in the end-time in which we are now living. It is about a final world war where mankind would annihilate itself if God did not intervene to stop it and all wars forever.

God also revealed the “c’est la vie” attitude of the world, and that overall, most would not listen to such warnings, but instead, would ridicule and/or haughtily dismiss them. Understandably so, most who have read these posts or the books written to explain and warn about these end-time events have quickly rejected them for any serious consideration.

Since these end-time events have not yet begun to happen, many of these same people respond by saying these warnings are false, and that I am a false minister for stating such things. It is true that nothing happened in 2012 or 2013 as I believed and warned others. For the world, perhaps it was too dogmatic to put so much emphasis on those years as being the time for Christ’s coming.

The fact that nothing happened in those years does not change the reality that these events are still going to occur. The question still remains: When? Although God will send His Son to end WWIII, it is still very clear that such an event will fall within specific parameters of prophetic timing. That is where “watching” becomes so important.

By being aware of “where and when” those parameters lie, one can be far more alert and prepared for what follows and not be fully caught off guard from reality as the world will be.

That is why this “work” will still be one of watching and informing people of those parameters and the events that are leading up to them becoming fulfilled. That is also why we are now focused on the next possible period for fulfillment being the Pentecost of 2020.

Since 2013, we became focused upon the next possible coming of Christ being on the Pentecost of 2019, but several months ago we realized that would not be the case, as specific events must take place over a minimum period of time before Christ will return. If this next year does not see the beginning of end-time events and the outbreak of WWIII, then it will be several more years down the road before such prophetic parameters fall into place again.

Nevertheless, this world is rapidly progressing toward such a time becoming fulfilled. Prophetically, the world stage is already set, as specific nations have already aligned themselves together just as God stated in prophecy.

It was given to the previous apostle to God’s Church, Herbert W. Armstrong, that the world had entered the end-time after WWII. He was given to understand that there would be one more European revival that would result in WWIII. It was revealed that this revival would be a conflicted one as shown by Daniel in prophecy. It would be potentially strong (as in military and economic power), but it would be weak like iron being held together by clay—not strongly united. Furthermore, it was given that this final power would consist of ten nations that would be united in a form of government, military, and currency.

The formation of this process began in 1957 with the Treaty of Rome that brought the European Economic Community or Common Market into existence. This led to a more united organization of the European Union when the Maastricht Treaty came into force in 1993. This process of a final prophesied united Europe began in those years—the prophesied seventh and last revival of a united Europe.

Although Mr. Armstrong saw the beginning development of this seventh revival, he did not see the rest that pertained to it, as he died in 1986. It wasn’t until thirteen years later, in 1999, that the currency of this final revival became manifest in the form of the euro.

You live in formidable times. Just this past year, the European Union has fully established a European military. Furthermore, in this past year, the EU has entered into discussion and planning for nine to ten nations to push forward for a more sovereign alliance, while leaving the other member nations to continue functioning at a slower pace toward full integration later with the ten, if they so choose.

Witnessing these prophetic events now having been fully set into place in a seventh and last revival of a great European power should give real pause to anyone who contemplates this. This is one of the great signs God gave that the final end-time events of a third world war are at hand. Most of the world is fully blind to these events, but you don’t have to be. This is part of watching and being more fully motivated to become prepared for what happens next.

Yes, the stage is truly set for final end-time events to commence. That is in God’s control. The world is rapidly headed for a great world war. However, God will not allow that war to begin, but will hold it back until conditions have been made perfectly ready for the timing to establish His Kingdom on earth.

Candidly, I originally believed with all my being that 2012 was the year that Christ would return. The reason for that has been stated before, but the reality is that I was wrong and did not see what many might say should have been clear from Christ’s own words having to do with the time of his coming. He stated quite emphatically, “But of that day and hour no one knows, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father only. Take heed, watch and pray, for you do not know when the time is.” (Mark 13:32-33)

So the purpose of these posts and all literature to follow will continue as before and will be even more focused and geared to watching the events of this world that clearly fit into end-time prophecy. This will continue to be given so that others can be more fully aware as they themselves take heed to growing conflict in the world. As Christ then said, that should be coupled with seeking to cultivate a mindset of watching and praying as we look eagerly forward to God setting this world right-side up with His government that will reign under the leadership of His Son.

So yes, we will continue to watch and encourage people to be alert to world events and those things that are being prophetically fulfilled. This will include the publishing of important dates that fit into prophetic parameters mentioned earlier. In doing this, there will be greater effort made to express these periods of time in the context of markers to watch for when such events can be fulfilled, rather than that being absolute or as the only times for potential fulfillment.

But for those watching, it should be abundantly clear that we are really, really, close to the spark that will ignite into a cataclysmic nuclear war.